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As the information overload of learning ramps up I’m starting to pull a few A5 cheat sheets together, Will get a little “soft” A5 folder and pockets to keep them all together mostly as a reference to help with flying and learning and I was curious if other do the same and if so what stuff do they have to hand, so far I have.

- RT cheat sheet (atis info, clearance/taxi, read back, rejoin etc
- take off, downwind and final checks “to try and help me commit to memory”
- fuel usage by time table ( how many liters is full vs tabs) going to add weight of said fuel at some point to help with planning
- plates for my common airfields and
- vspeeds

Anything else worth me keeping in one place either to help burn into my withering brain or as just a reference guide.

I was thinking, of things like the tower light guides for when no radio as despite passing airlaw I forgot them already and things like intercept procedures however hopefully that never happens.
I bought a 'Pre Pre-flight checklist'. 16 pages, A5, gives lots of info all in one place.

It includes summaries of medicals, ratings, carrying pax rules; what docs to check before you fly, what to take with you; a page on VFR minima; how to find UTD info on NOTAMS, airspace upgrades, finding danger areas in NATS; rules on Min fuel, semi-circular rules (voluntary in UK under VFR); a list of major listening squawks for when near CAS; reminder details of safetycom, D&D etc; tips on chart mark-up ; what practical things to have with you as you leave the building!; 3 pages on licenes, ratings, revalidations etc; a page on common Met codes including intensity, geographic and timing descriptors, and Military colour states (useful indication if routing nr MATZ); required eqt and docs; a bit about flying abroad; a page of useful contacts.

Handy to have in one small sprial bound A5 for ref.

I have also found a few checklists on line, to help me as ab initio, such as the easy FREDA, and others I am still practising! Worth a look.

Finally I made 'Flash cards' to practice recall of Air Law and Op Procedures :D

PS, glad its still raining being as I am unable to book lessons!
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T6Harvard wrote:I bought a 'Pre Pre-flight checklist'. 16 pages, A5, gives lots of info all in one place.

Glad you like it, but your post has been extra useful to me, as I have just made the discovery (after how many years?) that it doesn't show up in a Google search (anywhere near the front page where everyone looks). You have to put my name into the search as well to get it to appear! I'll mess around the with keywords on the webpage and see what happens. Thanks, wish you had joined the forum years ago....!
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