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T6Harvard wrote:Thanks tcc1000. I bet you can't wait to get going again! Are you close to final airborne tests? Have you done all the ground exams??

Yes, all exams, R/T test, and QXC done. Next on the list was mock skills test, but I've only flown 3 times this year with the poor weather at the start of the year. So 2 or 3 refresher lessons will be needed. Hopefully I can blitz it once we restart, but only if there is availability. My flying school is now advertising for instructors, so I'm not sure what that means!
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I once arrived an hour early for a lesson and asked the CFI if I could have a good crawl around the floor to actually see where the brake pedals were, were they attached to the rudder pedals or separate etc.
Go ahead said he. Five minutes later my instructor arrived and said “ok, let’s go, done the checks?, fuel? Etc”.
So much for that as I continued to fumble around with my feet trying to figure out where things were.
I would much rather have half an hour left to myself to figure out how things work than just jump in and go.
So any amount of demo flight, not being responsible for anything but able to look around freely and watch is a good thing.
Try jumping in a strange car at night and being expected to just drive away, lights on, wipers on, windows closed, seat adjusted etc!
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Yes, Crash One, it's the close, uninterrupted observation I was thinking of. Just once, see the whole flight through while having nothing else to concentrate on.

Although atm any flying would be great!

I actually looked at the photos of my only real lesson today and zoomed in on all the instruments (C172) and made sure i could quickly ascertain altitude, ascent / descent, bank angle (and ball!), and direction. From those I could work out where i was at the time that pic was taken by the backseat pax. I am clutching at straws though!!
I once took a pic of the panel in a glider and showed it to an instructor. His comment, “ Jeez, what a mess! Ball fully out to one side, 50 deg bank, airspeed 25knots obviously in a spin! Your saving grace was the 3000ft alt.”
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Ha,ha! Glad you lived and learned!!

To be fair my photos showed the low fuel warning but, and only because, I had watched FI dip the fuel on pre-flight AND I had questioned the warning light on start up, I accepted his explaination that it is a common fault. ...
That’s a good attitude to have. Never, ever assume that someone else must know about a fault and it will be ok!
Gliding again. Preflight check. The knob on the canopy release was missing, just the threaded end of the bolt to pull on. Checked the preflight log, no mention, asked around, several pilots had flown it, with no problems.
Not happy.
With about six bodies we lifted the aircraft, stood it on its nose on the grass and shook it vigorously.
Rattle rattle rattle, clunk and there was the plastic knob! It had been somewhere in the tail.
We know all about loose objects and jammed controls don’t we?
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