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By T6Harvard
With a view to taking lessons there (a decision made pre COVID) I was following one of the fI's fb for Tatenhill. For the last week or so this has been unavailable. Anyone know what's happened? The guy who set the fb page up posted some great stuff to keep everyone involved through this crisis.
Thanks seanxair. Indeed. I just hope he's OK.

It's an unbelievably difficult time for aviation employees having the rug pulled from under them, facing the likely very slow and only partial recovery of the industry. I am a recent hobbiest, self employed in a totally different field, but a friend has just been sent a redundancy consultation notice and fully expects to be unemployed shortly (she's a contractor for Airbus).
Sadly hes been made redundant this week hence he very rightfully took the page down given that it was his blog. The eagle eyed may notice that a similar page was recreated yesterday, as to pass itself off as the real page. [M] was an absolute treasure for Tatenhill, his experience and insight into the "day in the life of" an FI was great content and enjoyed by many, and as many others will point out, his page was a huge draw of business for the airfield. A huge loss for the airfield and to his trainees. I can name at least 3 other FIs who should have gone before him but that will be one rant too many. I sincerely hope that when we know how training will commence again that he will find himself a new home as he will be an absolute credit to any other welcoming airfield or school.
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Another bit of news I’m sorry to hear. He took me for a quick trial flight when I visited there whilst my son was at Alton Towers with his friends. Very nice man and although it was too far for me to commute to do my lessons there, if he hadn’t of squeezed me in for the trail flight that day and encouraged me and pointed me the direction of schools nearer my home I might never have made the leap to getting my license :(
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Oh what a kick in the teeth for the whole family. That is awful news.

I had yet to meet him but he was the reason I was going to go to Tatenhill (now I sound like a stalker....), such helpful and encouraging posts and such great feedback from his students.

Sean, please would you send him my best wishes and can you let us know if he gets another FI job? He'll be familiar with the Harvard avvie I use on fb. Thanks, Amanda.
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What a loss. As illustrated by the FB page, M was very much a “can do” person. When I went to Tatenhill as a customer I quickly learned that if you were struggling to achieve something he was often the catalyst to make it happen.
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I’m also, to say the least, extremely surprised by his redundancy. I use to look at the page often & he always seemed to be really busy, with sometimes six flights a day or more, plus was always actively advertising the club.

Why would any company want to get rid of a person who was an ambassador for them, is there more to this than meets the eye?
Devonian wrote:I've only just been told about this thread.
Your kind comments have brought a tear to my eye. It's been a hard year so far. I can't begin to describe how much these comments mean to me. I'm going to miss everybody.
Thank you & fly safe.

Make sure you give me a shout if you are passing
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