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By ryanw96
Hi all, I hope everyone’s doing well and staying safe!
I was wondering if any of you could help me regarding eye sight results and my most recent prescription and recommend which medical I would be able to obtain.

I’m interested in obtaining my PPL, however, I do understand that the medical is a little
More strict than the one with the LAPL?

I would pass on everything (I hope!!) other than perhaps my eyesight.

My binocular vision (both eyes) is 20/25, however, I can usually obtain 20/20 but worst case scenario let’s say 20/25 and my right eye is the same.

The issue is with my left eye, that one is 20/40 and occasionally I could fluke a 20/30!!

My recent prescription is as follows:

Right Eye
SPH +0.75
CYL -0.25
AXIS 20.0

Left Eye (weaker)
SPH +1.75
CYL 0.25
AXIS 125.0

After reading my prescription and getting a rough idea of my ability to read the snellen chart, do you have any recommendations as to which license I should be thinking about going for?

I’ve tried getting in touch with local AME’s but a lot seem to be closed understandably at this moment in time.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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By Arrow Flyer
Have a look at the CAA website, they publish vision guidance:

Vision Guidance Material: https://www.caa.co.uk/Aeromedical-Exami ... lots-(EASA)/Conditions/Visual/Visual-system-guidance-material-GM/
Substandard vision in one eye: https://www.caa.co.uk/WorkArea/Download ... 4294973569

The CAA quote figures using meters not feet, so you'll want to convert your "20/20" to "6/6" etc. Plenty of conversion tables on Google.

Have a look at that top link, and look for "SpecCalc" - it's an Excel Spreadsheet that you put those numbers into and gives you a result.
By ryanw96
Thanks for this - I’ll have a search around for another calculator as I think this ones not function correctly, I put a ridiculously bad prescription in to test it and it says ok for all 3 medical which I know is not correct.

Thanks for the reply though
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By Flyin'Dutch'

You can probably get a Class 2.

What is the visual acuity of your good eye?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Class 2 if it is indeed 20/20

Download form 162 from the CAA website, go to optician and get it filled out and take to an AME when the COVID restrictions are lifted.

All visual guidance material is on the CAA website.

https://www.caa.co.uk/Aeromedical-Exami ... lots-(EASA)/Conditions/Visual/Visual-system-guidance-material-GM/

and if vision is substandard:

https://www.caa.co.uk/WorkArea/Download ... 4294992264

Good luck and enjoy the flying
By tcc1000
My eyesight is similar to yours. No problem with a class 2, just a restriction that I need to always wear glasses and have a spare set with me. I have one clear and the other tinted (sunglasses). I found it curious that I'd never needed glasses (other than for reading) before, but now wear them for TV and often for driving.
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By T6Harvard
Good question, Ryan.

When I first looked into taking lessons I checked the CAA guidance and was happy that I should pass Class 2 without any restrictions. Just starting out and have only had 2 lessons to see whether I do want to commit! I do, BTW! I have not had a medical yet thanks, to COVID.

I can't recall right now what my numbers are but suffice it to say that I do wear glasses for driving but the correction is slight for right eye and not massive for the weaker eye. My main concern was being able to read the instruments whilst wearing distance glasses. I was concerned about the possible need for varifocal sunnies!

Thankfully, I could read all instruments without any problem.

I had read the rules so I did take a spare pair of prescription glasses on each lesson, even though, obviously, I was with an instructor. I am a firm believer in the 'get into good habits from day 1'.