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By Dman
As a student learning to fly in a Skyranger Microlight
I cannot see how there are going to be anymore more training flights until a vaccine has been found,
Any thoughts on this?
Would a mask and gloves and maybe individual headsets be enough?
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By dc3guy
Also a worry for me.

Learning to fly uses all my mental energy anyway, I can only think that wearing a mask and gloves would impede me so much I’d not be able to concentrate.

Thinking about booking my instructor on the first week - for the whole week so he doesn’t share the cockpit with anyone else - and cramming enough hours in to get to solo!

Seriously though, I can’t see myself going back until this is properly over :|

Even then I’ll be disinfecting the cabin before entering. Shame we can’t do that with instructors too! :lol:
By Dman
Fortunately we bought our own plane (3 of us )
So only a small number of people to work things out between
Good idea though, booking a block, although I think usually an instructor will still go up most days with you even if its just for 1 circuit
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By lobstaboy
Miscellaneous wrote:@Dman, personally in the list of post COVID19 worries I don't think flying instruction would feature in my top 10. :D

Did he say it was in his top 10?

Most of us have lots of worries about life post-Covid 19, but the others are probably best dealt with in places other than the students Flyer forum.

To the OP: I'd say you are right to be worried for exactly the reasons you mention, and I'd add things like whether there will be any instructors able and willing to sit in the right hand seat. I'm an instructor at a microlight school -it's very unlikely that I'll go back to it (yes, maybe once we've all been vaccinated).
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By Dman
Miscellaneous wrote:@Dman, personally in the list of post COVID19 worries I don't think flying instruction would feature in my top 10. :D

Life goes on ( Hopefully)
Not at the top of my list but it`s there all the same.
Took the decision after Christmas to buy a plane to train in, so have costs associated with that.
All got to be taken into account
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By Miscellaneous
lobstaboy wrote:
Miscellaneous wrote:@Dman, personally in the list of post COVID19 worries I don't think flying instruction would feature in my top 10. :D

Did he say it was in his top 10.

Oh for goodness sake lobsta, did I suggest it was in his top 10. Why do you always have to take posts so seriously. :roll:

@Dman for the avoidance of doubt I was suggesting you’ll be fine with the usual precautions. In other words no need to abandon your training. :thumright:
By Crash one
Agree with that.
By the time things get back to some form of normality we will all be able to get tested as required.
“You haven’t got it, he hasn’t got it, the aircraft hasn’t got it, go flying”.
The technology is on the way, “Spit into this pot, if it turns green go home”.
It’s not rocket science.
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By TLRippon
As an instructor I wonder who is going to pay for the PPE equipment we are going to need. I have a feeling I know the answer. I don't think instructors will be worried about catching Covid19 from students as much as if the financial reward is actually going to be worth the additional risk.
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By carlmeek
I’d be quite happy to sit next to a small number of people, each one interviewed first. I won’t be doing any days of bashing out trial lessons though.
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By Flyingkeyboard
This is also a concern for me (not top 10, before you ask! ;)).

I’ve already invested the best part of £6k in lessons, and after a horrible wet winter, was knocking on the door of QXC. To be honest, it isn’t the money that bothers me, it’s the fact that I love aviation and gaining the PPL has been a huge goal of mine for the last few years.

If I’m completely honest I don’t think that I’ll be having any more lessons this year. Social distancing is not going to allow for people to fly in a PA28 shoulder to shoulder with an instructor - the risk is going to be too great.

I might take up paragliding (was due to go to Germany in July to learn), or buy that motorcycle I’ve long lusted after and come back to flying in 12 months or so.

Too many unknowns and it is going to be interesting to see how this pans out.
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By TLRippon
You don’t (can’t) need to go to Germany to learn Paragliding, some of the world’s most experienced paragliding instructors are based at schools on the South Downs.
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By Flyingkeyboard
It helps when your employer will pay for you to go there and train you for free... But yes, this July seems very unlikely. I’ve spotted a civvie school not far from me and that is on the cards.
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By skydriller
Flyingkeyboard wrote:I might take up paragliding

Good luck social distancing strapped to the instructor on your first flight or two... :lol: