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My flying school, along with all the others, is closed so we are doing loads of online stuff for students and pilots.
Here is a link to the events calendar
Most of it is free and some, like theory ground school, is a tenner as I pay the instructor.
We do Facebook lectures, online Zoom briefings etc etc.
Have a look at the calendar and Facebook page and contact me if you think of something else we can do.
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By akg1486
That's a great idea, @Sir Morley Steven . The event calendar shows a couple of Youtube broadcasts. I found a channel called Blackbushe Aviation, but it has only two videos from a couple of years ago. Are these broadcasts streaming only, i.e. not available for later view? Or are they uploaded to another channel? (I don't use FB, so if there's info there I haven't seen it.)
Yeah the YouTube channel we set up disappeared when Google took them over. It reappeared a couple of weeks ago so now there’s a couple of new ones on there. Check out my chat with the founder of Sonaca Aircraft.
We have one Tomorrow May 1st at 11am on RT basics. It will be a live broadcast on our Facebook page so expect comedy interventions and howlers!
I will put it up on our YouTube channel after.