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Just wondering whether i could make the most of the lockdown by studying like mad and taking my first few exams (thinking Human Performance, Air Law and Op Procedures). Do I have to have some ground schooling from an FI before I can take those particular exams?
Can the exams only be taken at an approved training organisation? I think they are going online in June.....??
I appreciate that some of the PPL exams are far better done after I have taken some flying lessons but the above three seem to be do-able.

Trying to make the most of my new-found leisure time!
Online Exams were supposed to have trials started in March with 20 schools, then made widely available by June but I’m sure this will all now be pushed back.

From reading up, the exam would still need to be completed under exam conditions at a flight school, and candidates are not able to book exams, only registered flight schools are.

My local school suspended all flights last week and closed completely. It would be interesting to know if any others have stayed open for groundschool?

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Cubair Flight Training are offering one to one ground briefs on a number of examination subjects. The briefs will be delivered via Skype to share PowerPoint content and two way video/voice.

Not all subjects are covered (i’m still working on them) but it might keep things ticking over until flight training can re-start.

I’m afraid there is a charge for these briefs, since they represent months of work.
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Thanks Guys.

Taking all the advice, and I see another poster is also thinking of getting the theory sorted out while we cannot fly, I will do the studying, take the progress tests and do the Pooleys practice questions.

I reckon I will need 'flash cards' to get the Air Law facts embedded :D :thumleft:
Glad I committed and bought 5 of the study books.

Will consider other learning options after that, thanks!