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Seems a little empty this year so here's a contribution :D
ATPL theory - All fourteen passed 13th July 2020 (technically 10th was my last exam but results only came out on the 13th).

Have already had a couple of flights for my CPL course and planning to start a FI course mid-August so hopefully I'll be back with a few more in a few weeks/months.
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First Solo today, at White Waltham in PA28-161 G-BRDF. I had 40 hours in my logbook, due to (a) being a bit Carp and (b) having had to change some medication to get a medical and having done much of the Nav part of the syllabus whilst waiting.

I'd had about 11 months off due to responsibilities associated with my parents' long final illnesses and subsequent deaths, but came back last Saturday and have completed 5 hours since then. The break seems to have had a positive effect on my flying.

Thanks to working from home rather than commuting into London every day, I am looking forward to flying several evenings a week in August and getting as far along the syllabus as I can.

My gratitude to the many instructors who have nursed me through to this stage, especially David Coe with whom I have most of my hours (ensuring that I have been taught the gold standard OHJ!). Today's flight was the first with a new instructor, and I am grateful to him for not trying to retrain me but sitting patiently while I flew the best three circuits I have every flown (no idea what happened!) and letting me go solo despite only having just met me. Also thanks to the wind for blowing right down the runway with the easiest circuit (25).

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Can't quite believe it, but I finally passed my skills test! (actually 31st July). 3 years, two long breaks (one 8-month intentional to renovate the new house - still not complete!), one 8-month enforced due weather then Covid, but finally I got there. Very happy indeed!

First flight post-test today - hot, but all went excellently, just a local navex and a few stalls, steep turns etc to practise. Very hazy, nice and smooth above the inversion.

Was very strange not to have someone else rabbiting at me, or deciding route - the freedom of choosing what you want to do is, well, very liberating...

SkyDemon is ace, too.

Not that I'm a frequent poster, but guess I'm not allowed to post on this board any longer :-)

Cheers and best of luck to all those getting close - it will happen!

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CoffeeChops wrote:Not that I'm a frequent poster, but guess I'm not allowed to post on this board any longer :-)

Congratulations and well done :)
Of course, you do know that this forum is for all of us - we remain students for ever and every day is a school day, even after passing the test :thumright: