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Here it is again, the chance to shine for all pilots who learn new stuff - and that's all of us, right?!

The forum and resident forumites share in the celebration of any noteworthy milestones along the path of your aviation career - whether that be private or commercial - to be cast into internet eternity forever more.

Post your achievements in this student forum or, even better PM me or @Morten me in any post to attract my attention and I will update this thread in the most timely fashion possible. If I miss something do let me know.

Entries on this thread are not restricted to ab initio! Anyone gaining an additional rating, differences training, qualification - and any other licence - is welcome to join the wall (and indeed, hall :)) of fame.
The 2019 thread we had more than 60 entries, covering first take - offs, first landings, first licenses and an Instructor Rating :)

So, the challenge is there for all of us to get out there and get up there - here's hoping for a bumper year of First Solo, Qualifying Cross Country, PPL Skill Test notifications and anything else memorable and noteworthy :thumleft:

Pre-First Licence

First Take-off

First Landing

PPL theory passed
February 9th - @Nero
July 17 - @StuartW
September 24 - @Fellsteruk
October 3rd - @KN58

First Solo
January 19 - @StuartW
July 7 - @Dman
July 9 - @Popeye
July 22 - @KN58
July 26 - @LapsedRinger
September 6 - @GunnyD3v
September 6 - @Nero
October 1 - @FellsterUK

First Solo Nav
March 16 - @michaelb
July 11 — @StuartW
October 17th - @Nero

Qualifying Cross Country
August 4th - @StuartW

Skills test
Feb 5th - @t1m80
July 31st - @CoffeeChops
August 29th - @tcc1000
September 1 - @MrHenryGeorge
October 1 - @GeorgeJLA
October 16 - @Popeye
November 4 - @StuartW
November 4 - @Weirdjam
December 1 - @Saisworld

Post First Licence

Night rating
Feb 5th - @Flying badger

IR (R)

IR (A)
October 11 - @Genghis the Engineer

September 5-@Mr.Meerkat
November 7 - @DavidC

ATPL Theory

Flight Instructor
Aug 9 - @derekf
September 18 - @jaycee58

Flight Examiner
September 14/15 - @AndyR

Aerobatic sign-off

Tailwheel difference
December 30 - @Melanie Moxon

Retractable undercarriage difference

Constant speed prop difference
March 3rd - @MarkOlding "Retractable undies and wobbly prop" :lol:


September 28 - @Shiny


Instructor Rating



Difference training

Type ratings
Jan 23 - @Josh - Airbus A320 type rating
Feb 19 - @Josh - A320 Final Command Check

A large round of applause, back slapping, tea and medals to all :thumleft: :clap: 8) 8)

And just to make sure that noone is forgotten from the old threads, here they are:

Class of 2004
Class of 2006
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Class of 2010
Class of 2011
Class of 2012
Class of 2013
Class of 2014
Class of 2015
Class of 2016
Class of 2017
Class of 2018
Class of 2019
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Good news Josh :)
Goes to show that we never stop learning - whether you fly the heavy stuff and get paid loadsadosh - or the little stuff and pay loadsadosh ;)

t1m80 wrote:Well, there goes my weight and balance :-) Dead chuffed.
:lol: the chocolate frog I had in mind is unlikely to have a significant impact on your W&B :clown:
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Morten wrote:Nice one Michael. If you can fly out of Elstree, you can fly anywhere! :thumleft:
Keep it up and good luck with the next steps :)

You’re not the first person to have said that! It’s a nice challenge but now feels like home. That said, I’ve probably landed 90% on 26 and 10% on 08, so need to master the downslope!

Thanks for adding me, but just to say that it’s in the first solo section but it wasn’t first solo, but rather first solo navigation :)

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