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By T6Harvard
I have been bitten by the bug after a flight experience last summer! I bet you can't guess what I was in...
Yep, a 70 y.o Harvard . I got to do a couple of aileron turns and happily pointed the nose up a bit when told to apply some backpressure. I was then flown through a loop and another with a roll off the top and I was hooked.

My pilot was brilliant at explaining the instruments, the controls, use of trim and some situational awareness.

I have started studying and have just booked an hour's instruction.

This is purely as a hobby. No doubt I will have questions☺
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By GunnyD3v
@T6Harvard Welcome!

Sounds like you had a great experience to get you hooked, good luck on your roller-coaster journey in getting your licence. I'm eagerly waiting in getting back into it after a 7yr break, currently being thwarted by the weather.
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By T6Harvard
Hey Wicksay!

I am in Cheshire. I am thinking of Tatenhill, in Staffs. Barton is too busy!

I have actually booked a lesson abroad in a C172, just because that's where I will be for a few weeks. I won't count the hours in my log book but I will get to do some sight seeing while my instructor flies the approach 8) . He is a bona fide FI but it's outside the EU.
By T6Harvard
Iceman, Flinshire flying school, based at Harwarden, has ceased to be, I believe. Sleap looks good but is probably further away from me than I'd like to travel regularly. I may take a gander though, check out the driving time and see if it's do-able.

Thanks, Mat, I am on Facebook so I'll do that. It has to be said that most of my FB timeline is from last year when I followed the Silver Spitfire around the world :)
By GunnyD3v
@T6Harvard Tatenhill is where I’m learning, great and friendly instructors and staff .

As Matt has mentioned, Martin regularly post insights and news on the Facebook page. Take a look, there is also a new 3 storey building being built, for the offices, cafe etc.
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