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Hi Guys,
I am hoping to start my PPL soon.The problem i face is i live in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
There are 2 schools. One will do the complete course but are not flexible in their training program or financing, the other cannot do the Theory/Ground school exams etc in English. Although they can do all the practical lessons in English.
So Question is?
Is it possible to study theory etc either on-line with a UK Flying school?
Should i concentrate on completing all Ground school in exams with a school in UK 1st then start the practical lessons?
Will the event of Brexit make this a non-starter?
Any positive angles on this would be helpful.
I have a vague recollection of either ground exams in a different country to training course being banned by recent easa changes, OR at least it starting as a new hot future topic in committees. Anyone remember more than I can?
Brexit. Nobody knows. Many pilots not living in uk not waiting to see and transferring their uk easa licences to other countries.
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bazman62 wrote:Hi, yes it would appear that as i live in Spain the whole course has to be done in Spain, and in Spanish! So, maybe a goal i will not achieve. But thanks for your reply.

There is a chap on here that instructs/examins at (runs?) a flight school in Spain... @SteveC . Im sure he can tell you more about this and maybe give you options. However, I believe he is on the mainland (Jerez) not Tenerife.

Regards, SD..
Back to the original question - you might be able to do the exams in another country if the training organisation is designated by another NAA but you cannot do exams for the Spanish CAA and use that for getting a UK issued licence.