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By Crash one
It’s also less hassle keeping the NPPL valid. Rating only needs reval two yearly, 12 hrs total over two yrs, at least six hrs in the second year, 12 take offs/landings, one hr with an instructor anytime within. Self dec med.
It appears you could do the entire reval the day before it expires, daylight permitting all before teatime!! :twisted:
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By Nick
TLRippon wrote:
Jazzer wrote:The only benefit I can see with the lapl is being able to carry more passengers.

LAPL all EASA states.

NPPL Microlight all states.

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@Jazzer Is there anywhere near you with SLMGs? You've still got microlights and/or SSEAs to try - all available on an NPPL.

You could even rename the thread NPPL vs NPPL vs NPPL. :D
By Crash one
Yes , you can fly anything up to 2000kg on any of the three licences.
The only difference is, Where!
NPPL, UK only. Plus microlights in Europe.
LAPL, Europe, inc UK.
Full PPL, The world.
Provided you have the appropriate medical and ratings.
The ability to add ratings is limited on NPPL and LAPL.
Differences training is also available for retractables, tailwheels and wobbly props because these are not “ratings”.
Experts, please correct me if I’m wrong.
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By Paul_Sengupta
cotterpot wrote:and a UK PPL? :wink:

The world, as long as you're driving a G reg.

Limited to LAPL-type privileges in EASA-land if driving an EASA aeroplane for some unfathomable reason, IIRC.
By Crash one
Jazzer wrote:Thanks everyone. I may buy a starter ppl pack (12 months membership and 5 hrs in a c152) as they have an offer on just now for £890.

Good luck.
As has been mentioned regularly. Don’t pay too much up front for bulk deals. Flying schools do go bust quite often enough to cost people their bulk payments.
I paid for 5 hours at a time in advance and everything worked ok. Others at other schools lost a lot when their school went bust.
Just a thought.
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