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By Miscellaneous
malcolm_d_smith wrote:Thanks for the discussion so far - all helpful.

I am going to try single vision distance for some circuits and I have a booking with optician so I can discuss the results.

Thank you Malcolm, I now know why I can't land…I wear varifocals. :D :thumright:
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By Flyin'Dutch'
malcolm_d_smith wrote:I note that I can’t play tennis at all in varifocals.


Neither can I, but I doubt it is due to my glasses!

:D :D :D
By Flying badger
I have reading glasses, but bought varifocals whilst doing my PPL. I don't wear them in real life, they're my flying glasses, and when I passed I treated myself to a tinted version. I keep both sets in my headset case.

Years ago I did try varifocals for everyday use but I could not get used to them. As a bit a flying kit though, they work very well for me.
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By PeteSpencer
I think it's true that if you have a massive correction, varifocals are not so good.

But this also applied for bifocals where the suddenness of the 'step' apparently gets a lot of getting used to.

I've used varifocals probably for the last 30 years for everything, flying, driving , telly, laptop. though with the onset of presbyopia I now usually take them off for reading/close up work, especially for reading broadsheet newspapers.

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