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By Fellsteruk
Hi all.

So I’m gettin g a little ahead of myself I know but I’m thinking about what next after my PPL and I’m thinking flight instructor.

Whilst I’m technically not too old to go I to airlines and make my proper job a pilot the reality is that I am, I’m also accustom to my current quality of life and like my job but don’t really want to be doing it to retirement.

Once I get my PPL I’ll be flying lots for fun and I’ve been thinking about the idea of training to be become an instructor and maybe doing it of a weekend and when I’m a little older maybe doin it full time when I don’t need the larger income I do now.

Just curious, what’s the best path into that and can you do it part time?
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By Nero
My instructor must be in his 50s and he only does weekends. So yes you can definitely be part time! :)

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By WelshRichy
It is always a great idea to have a goal to work towards at any stage of your flying career/hobby. I find it keeps me motivated by striving for the next goal on my list, be it tailwheel differences training, aerobatic rating or the flight instructor rating.

After 21 years of holding a licence I have decided it is now or never and with my wife's blessing and support I am going down the road of gaining my FI Rating. Although I could have attended a FIC (Flight Instructor Course) this year and teach LAPL, I decided I really need to have a good theory refresher and opted to take the EASA CPL Exams prior to attending an FIC next year. This way I'm refreshing my theory before I take the rather demanding FIC and I'll be able to each for the PPL as as well as LAPL from the outset.

My goal is part-time on weekends/evenings around my full time career (BT, Data Centre Networking) which I cannot realistically give up to instruct full time. I am aiming for early retirement in order to dedicate more time to instructing but realistically that is a long way into the future.

One of my PPL Instructors instructed part-time on weekends and worked full-time during the week... many people do it and is quite common.

There is another option if you decide instructing is for you. Once you have 300 hours Total Time you could become a Class Rating Instructor (CRI) which will allow you to instruct anyone who has or has had a licence. I.e. SEP renewals and two-yearly flight review. Differences training. Aerobatic training (if you add Aerobatic privileges to your CRI).

Good luck with your PPL and whatever you decide to do. Above all enjoy it!!!
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By WelshRichy
I meant to say the CPL theory course can be done part-time as a distance learning course. There is a mandatory classroom attendance requirement but for the ATO I am with that equated to four days before the first set of exams and that was it. For timescales... 13 exams in total, I have passed 7 so far, 3 more next week and 3 booked for September. been studying since December. CPL exams passed is not essential for the FIC but without them you won't be able to teach for the PPL (limited to teaching LAPL only).

The actual FIC takes about six weeks full time but there are training providers out there who do specialise in part-tome Instructor Courses and can tailor the schedule to you.

If you decide on a CRI Rating, this can be done over a period of 1 to 2 weeks full time.
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By Danny
Can't speak for the OP but I'm 48 and going for it. Half way through ATPLs at the moment and relying on age discrimination legally speaking being a thing of the past (ahem...). That gives 16 years which shouldn't trouble an employer.
By Fellsteruk
I’m 37, so I know not too old but I have a job I like don’t love but comes with great benefit and salary one that would only be matched with a captains salary “from what I’ve read” and honestly I love to fly but I don’t want to be at any detriment financially.

This is why I’m thinking of doing my CPL for FIC once my ppl is done so I can do flight instructor part time then eventually full time once mortgage etc paid off kinda early retirement but flying :)

Out of interest in case I am totally wrong what salary you likely to pull starting out in airline business.

With regards to the CPL examples can you do them in your own time or do they have stupid time limits like the ppl
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By WelshRichy
Fellsteruk wrote:With regards to the CPL examples can you do them in your own time or do they have stupid time limits like the ppl

All 13 x CPL exams have to be taken within a period of 18 months starting from the first pass. A total of six sittings for all exams, so you can't do one at a time. Plus you have a maximum of four attempts at any one subject. This is the same whether it be IR, CPL or ATPL exams. Once you have passed all thirteen CPL exams you then have three years to apply for your CPL otherwise its back to the exam centre again.