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By Dman
So thank you all for your replies in the previous thread.
Thought I would start a new one now that I am actually taking lessons.
Had first lesson yesterday in an Ikarus C42 microlight
Very lively little plane, but fun to be in.
Roll on next week, weather depending
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You may just want to have a proper chat with your instructor.

Whilst the Max Seat Weight in a C42 is 120kg, the Max Cockpit weight is 172kg

If as in your other post you weight 110kg, that only leaves 62kg for the instructor.

62kg is only 9st 11lb in english, and that assumes you've included clothing, maps, drinks and other junk you may be carrying.

Best to learn in a legal environment!
Dman wrote:Fortunately he is only a little guy
Apparently the total weight is going to be increased to 600kg later this year, to bring the UK in line with other countries??

Great that you've started!

Don't get excited about 600kg. It may happen sometime. But the change is to what aircraft count as microlights - that doesn't change the weight and balance limits on existing individual aircraft. You won't suddenly be able to load to 600kg a C42 that is currently a 450kg machine.
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Sooty25 wrote:Best to learn in a legal environment!

I'd hazard a guess there are as many learned in an overweight environment, than not! :shock:

very possibly, but, lets keep it correct and within the weight limit for the BRS! :lol:

@Dman good luck with learning, C42 is fun, but control layout a little non traditional!
When I weighed myself at 110kg
It was in the back of our fertiliser spreader which has weigh cells
I was wearing a heavy set of overalls with all sorts of rubbish in the pockets
A pair of size 11 steel toe boots with a steel plat in the insole
So fairly sure i will actually be under 100kg
Just don`t own a set of scales