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Hi everyone

New here and been looking for a place to document my PPL journey. I’ve always been into aviation and had my first trial flight at 16 (28 next month). Enjoyed various pleasure flights in a Cessna 152, Piper Warrior and Cirrus.

I am going to be learning with EFG flying school out of Biggin Hill airport. My first lesson is this weekend on Saturday at 11am..hoping for good weather :)

Anyone with any experience with this school or Biggin Hill? I am going to start a blog to document my progress and will try to fly at least 1 hour per week.
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By FlightDek
Welcome to the forum and a life of lost weekends :thumleft:

Better get used to having a sore neck - pretty soon you'll be looking up every time you leave the house checking if the weather is flyable :lol:
Welcome to the forum and a life filled with amazing and wonderful memories to replace your empty wallet with. :)

Remember you can ask absolutely anything here, there are some wonderful and experienced people on these forums who will do anything to impart their knowledge, wisdom and experience (I don't count myself though as I struggle to remember anything! lol).

Still remember my first lesson like it was yesterday, twenty two years later and I still beam with excitement at the prospect of getting some air beneath the wings.

Relax and enjoy! Your lessons are to enjoy for your will still become airborne.
Johnny.b wrote:I also booked in my first block of three lessons at Sussex Flying Club this weekend just gone!

I'm starting to find it hard getting off to sleep every night due to excitement!
How was your first weekend flying?

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Nero wrote:
Johnny.b wrote:It was great!
Going up again tomorrow lunch time!
Hopefully it is a little less grey this time!
I have my first lesson booked with EFG this coming Sunday :)

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The feeling of a life long dream coming true is one of a kind!
I hope the weather behaves for you!
By Johnny.b
Nero wrote:Thank you! Are you there this Sunday?

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I may be popping down to shoreham to watch the movements with a coffee and to book my third lesson if the weather holds up!