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By Carl Nicholson
Hi all,

I'm in the north west and I've been flying non radio for a couple of years and I'm now about to join a eurostar group. It would be handy to have my radio licence sorted to really make use of the machine. I know Mainair at Barton can help with the radio licence but the course is in the evenings over six weeks. Work and home commitments make this virtually impossible to attend regularly. I was told I could pay for the private one to one tuition to speed it up but with the hourly rate, it becomes quite expensive!

Does anyone know of a tutor and examiner in the north west that could complete the course and tests over a couple of days intensively without it costing a limb?

Cheers, Carl.
By James33
If you speak English, it's easy enough to just teach yourself.

It is my understanding that FRTOL exams can be conducted by any RT examiner.

In my experience these guys don't ask for payment, but appreciate lunch!
By riverrock
Do you have a CAA PPL(M) (I know the eurostar can be microlight or group A)?
If you have an EASA PPL(A) then you no longer need a separate FRTOL - the privilege is included on your licence (assuming you have that privilege).
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By Irv Lee
I can see that being misinterpreted after only one level of chinese whisper. I think it is no longer a separate piece of paper on ANY licence once reprinted, but a written exam and practical test still required if you want to use the radio once you have a pilot licence.
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By RichJordan
I did my training with Mainair at Barton. Like you I couldn't make the evenings, so went with the 1 on 1 lessons.

Yes it's fairly expensive per hour, but if you've been flying for a while, you really shouldn't need more than a few hours. David is an excellent teacher, definitely recommended.
By Carl Nicholson
I'm a NPPL (M) holder. I've only used the radio when I was flying out of and into Barton for the first 15 hours of my training. I moved to Ince to take advantage of the rental fleet and have been none radio since.

I might give David a ring and see what he can do. May I ask what the whole thing with exams and tests came to for you on a one to one basis? Did Chris C do your tests?

Malcolm at Multiflight offers a two sunday course for a total of £180 including exams. Sounds like a bargain but I can't get two consecutive sundays free!