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By gonzohop
Hi all

Having an absolute blast 11 lessons in. Wish I'd done this earlier in life!

Anyway, my flight school have been kind enough to allow me to video my lessons using my rather funky 360° GoPro and it's been invaluable in reviewing the lesson and picking up on things I missed (which is pretty much 90% of things talked about mid-flight!!). It's also been hilarious watching how tense I've been, colour draining out of my face, brain melt-down when trying to remember how to speak English during a radio transmission etc etc...

Fellow students may also benefit from the footage so if you're interested you can find it here:


Seriously, some of the most incredible experiences of my life. Awesome. :D
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By gonzohop
David Wood wrote:Well done! Impressive video also. What is the camera?

Hi David

It's a GoPro Fusion. Not easy to work with in fairness, but the results are invaluable. :D