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jaycee58 wrote:
WelshRichy wrote:Within the last hour I have received email notifications of my last batch EASA CPL(A) exams... well I'm so over the moon as these results confirm I have passed the full set of thirteen exams. All first time (more luck than anything!). Not the best average of 86.5% but not bad for the old brain cells. I thought I had completely failed Meteorology and Flight Planning yesterday but came out with 81% and 94% respectively.

Fantastic! Well done. My old brain cells averaged 85%.

Thank you @jaycee58, now I know what you feel like having finished them!
That Flight Planning Exam was a nightmare, only had five minutes left at the end to check my work and I didn't have any questions out of our LO's!
First Solo yesterday (October 22nd)
It was my 8th lesson and it was going quite well mainly due to near perfect conditions with virtually no wind.
I certainly wasn't expecting my instructor to send me on my first solo but after a few good landings thats exactly what he did!
He got out and left me to do a circuit on my own. No time for any nerves, and it went very smoothly.
It's a fantastic feeling. My only disappointment is my camera ran out of battery shortly after take off so I didn't capture it all but it's a day I'll never forget!
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EASA Aerobatic Rating :D

Trained from zero to the required competency by Mark "Greeners" Greenfield.
Competency cross check by CFI Steve "Jos" Johnson on 21st October 2019.

Many thanks to these Ultimate High skygods. There is a lot that can be learned from these guys.

Just some paperwork to do.... and anyone's guess whether I get the rating on the licence before Brexit :lol: (Needs a delay to Brexit!)
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clarkeysntfc wrote:PPL theory: 6/9 theory exams passed in my first 2 sittings. Just the 3 left (Nav, Met, Performance & Planning) to do in the remaining 4.

All 9 now passed first time, scored 100% in the remaining 3 above.

Also completed my RT license.

Now for my QXC on Sunday hopefully weather permitting...
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