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This is the chance to shine for all new - and sometimes not so new - pilots!

This thread celebrates any noteworthy milestones along the path of your aviation career - whether that be private or commercial - to be cast into internet eternity forever more.

Please post your new achievements in the student forum or, even better PM me or @Morten me in any post to attract my attention and I will update this thread in the most timely fashion possible. If I miss something do let me know.

This is not just restricted to ab initio, anyone gaining an additional rating, differences training, qualification - and any other licence - is welcome to join the 2019 wall of fame.
The 2018 thread we had close to 60 entries, including 14 first licenses issued!
This was slightly down from 2017, when we had almost 100 entries and 26 first licences.

So, the challenge is there to all of us to get out there and get up there - here's hoping for a bumper year of First Solo, Qualifying Cross Country, PPL Skill Test notifications and anything else memorable and noteworthy :thumleft:

Pre-First Licence

First Take-off (New category in 2018!)
14 April - @samsee23

First Landing (Also new category in 2018!)

First Solo
24 February - @simonvc
10 April - @MachFlyer
10 May - @MrHenryGeorge
24 May - @clarkeysntfc
27 May - @AKr

First Solo Nav
April 11 - @t1m80

Qualifying Cross Country
April 11 - @cjrpaterson

Skills test
3 February - @Robinhood
30 December - 7 March - @Mr.Meerkat
22 May - @cjrpaterson

Post First Licence

Night rating
27 March - @Mr.Meerkat

IR (R)

ATPL Theory
April 18 - @derekf

Flight Instructor

Aerobatic sign-off

Tailwheel difference

Retractable undercarriage difference

Constant speed prop difference
15 February - @joe-fbs
18 March - @Lerk
20 March - @FlightDek




22 March - @derekf
1 April - @GrahamB

Instructor Rating
25 April - @dunny



Difference training
2 January - @Dave W - Microlight Differences Training
2 February - @Morten - First Solo - Acrosport II

Type ratings
24 April - @AndyR - Britten Norman Islander 2

A huge round of applause, back slapping, tea and medals to all :thumleft: :clap: 8) 8)

And just to make sure that noone is forgotten from the old threads, here they are:

Class of 2004
Class of 2006
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Class of 2010
Class of 2011
Class of 2012
Class of 2013
Class of 2014
Class of 2015
Class of 2016
Class of 2017
Class of 2018
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Mr.Meerkat wrote:PPL skills test pass: 30th December 2018, whistles quietly
Received PPL: 7th March 2019
Start of Night rating: 5th March (after 5~ cancelled), 50mins of solo left till complete.

:lol: that deserves a special entry ;)
Well done :thumleft:
Hope you can squeeze in the night solo before the light comes back...
GrahamB wrote:May I modestly request...

Most certainly! The meek shall not inherit the world and your modesty is not required ;)
Well done on the CRI - and on a memorable date as well... Have fun with those students :thumleft:
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