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I planned to get my IMC Rating 10 years ago and bought the IMC Confuser which was the go to resource at the time. Life then got in the way and I didn't get round to starting the Rating.

However, I am planing to do the IR(R) rating next month and would like to know whether the brand spanking cellophane wrapped IMC confuser is still relevant as a study guide? Is there an online question bank available nowadays?

10 years late is better than never! ;-D

The Pooleys APM No.5 on Radio Nav and Instrument Flying was the one I was told to get (last year)

As far as question banks go - try the 'EASA PPL Exams' app on iPhone. But bear in mind that the exam for the IR(R) is all about planning a flight, so it's a lot of related questions. You fill out a PLOG and then have questions on that. The app will give you fairly accurate questions - but on the day it does rely on you filling the plog correctly, for the most part (there are a number of 'theory' based ones too). It was definitely the longest and most challenging exam I'd done.

(I did the exam in July last year)

Good luck!
I’m also doing this. I used “EASA PPL Exam Tutor” app (icon is a white plane on a blue background) for PPL exams, and it was excellent, but I don’t see an IMC section there.

Looking at “EASA PPL Exams” app (icon is bizarrely a taking off 747), the screenshots show the usual 9 PPL exams plus IMC/IR(r) section, so I guess I pay my tenner and focus on just that bit?

Any other trial questions or trial paper resource available that anyone knows of? It would be great to be able to practice what the exam actually consists of.
I used Airquiz.com when I did my IR(R) last year.

I don't know if they've updated the exam paper since then but there were things to watch out for. It referred to the quadrantal rule and a minimum flight vis of 1800m, which have now both been superseded by SERA.

Just do enough reading of Trevor Vol. 5, Radio(Cap413), Rnav(Cap773), LASORS(Cap804), ANO(Cap393), SERA

Then take the mock tests covering TK training for both legacy IMCR & new IRR, both should cover EASA/SERA rules on new IRR and ANO/Annex2 rules on old IMC-R (e.g. min take-off visibility is 1.5km not 1.8km, semi-circular not quadrant flight levels….)

AirQuiz and Oxford CDs have IMC exams but given the cost & convenience of doing the IMC TK exam, I suggest you just do it ASAP :D