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By Flyingkeyboard

I’m currently training towards a PPL in the U.K. and it is looking increasingly likely that I will not have finished all of the training by the end of March.

What sort of licence will I be issued once I have eventually completed the training and skills test? From reading online it may/will not be a EASA compliant Part-FCL, but potentially a UK licence.

As somebody who is looking at going down the CPL route in the future, I am slightly concerned (perhaps unnecessarily so) that I will end up with a licence that is of little use outside the U.K. Especially as I would be looking to complete the CPL course in an EU state..!

Any info/advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
By Flyingkeyboard
That is very similar to what the flying club said!

Ultimately i hope that common sense will prevail, but I can’t be the only person in this position.
By Sandman
The whole country is in a position where it's unclear what the real personal impact will be after Brexit.

I'm a Dutch citizen living in the UK and like you will not have finished my PPL before Brexit happens. With the current state of affairs not even God will know what's going to happen...

Wait and see and hope for the best is all we can do.
By Flyingkeyboard
Hi all,

Do any other students have any info to share/updates?

I’ve seen the CAA guidance stating that U.K. training orgs can apply to EASA for 3rd country status - should I be pushing my FTO to do this?