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The sad thing about this thread is that it started with a great question, elicited some useful learning but has unfortunately descended into acrimony. Since this is a student forum I do think that we should make an extra-special effort to keep it civil - no matter how provoked we feel. It sets such a bad example if we don't.
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By seanxair
AndyR wrote:Polite request:

If you guys can’t be pleasant, please take it off the Student Forum.

There is a no flaming rule on here. The above certainly enters in to my definition of flaming.

The above certainly enters in to my definition of flaming :)
I don't have any bits of piloty -paper so, as some would have it, I know F-all . Were I a student, I would want not only Tower, but perhaps approach,and certainly any other aircraft in the vicinity to know where I am, what I'm attempting to do and please use your superior skills to give me a bit of leeway and a lot of clearance :)
Just because CAP 413 says "XX" doesn't mean that it's current...it may have been superseded by something in CAP 1535 version 1.1 of which was issued September 2017......yes, It's the Skyway Code. and, due to the glacial speed with which the CAA appear to process anything, one can be fairly certain there have been amendments since then.

As it's a highly-compressed 160-ish pages, the finer points of pedantry are omitted, so I don't really think the average AFISO would give a damn if a student broadcast that on every single transmission Memory may be fading, but I'm sure when I used to listen -in, about 20 years ago, Lancs Aero Club, used to reply "YYYY-CD " - Whatever the niceties, they only appeared to need the country of registration once....having earwigged recently, the G or N prefix seems to be on every call and reply/confirmation. Safety above pedantry seems logical to me, it should help people stay alive.

No matter how much they may wish otherwise, grass-strips are the province of the amateur flyer (crop-dusters excepted) and allowances seem to be made for that factor.

Those pilots will probably never be "Speedbird Nigel " and as a couple-of-hours-a-month type, it seems that due RT allowances are made for them. All interesting stuff though! I like the unofficial mantra "Aviate, Navigate, communicate"- sounds to me like someone got their priorities right. :mrgreen: