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Hi everyone

If budget, or acceptance, wasn’t an issue, where would your top 3, or 5, places be to do your EASA ATPL training?

I do note that some places like L3 appear to have US training facilities as well as NZ etc

But if you had your choice, where would it be and why?

;)....this should be fun
It's not really the right audience for integrated ATPL wannabees. We are mostly old gits with a few years experience and our own toys or shares. My godson has just completed his course - he did the Coventry, NZ, Bournemouth thing. I think he'd say that the best option is the one with a guaranteed job at the end...................he's now a Cojo with Sleezyjet and has no complaints about the training (apart from the cost).
If you're on Facebook join the "ATPL Theory Students" group. You'll find a lot of useful information there. Everything from advice on training schools through to feedback on exam questions, the exams themselves and advice on which questions to deliberately answer incorrectly to obtain the marks as the CAA/EASA has it wrong (no, that isn't a joke). You'll be part of a group with 5,800 people in it who all have the same objective.