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By LD1Racing
So, I started my PPL training back in June 2011. Since then I have had (in no particular order):

One new job,
One house move,
The birth of two children
2 Different training airfields.
4 Different flying schools (two sold, one bankrupt)
4 Aircraft types
4 Six-month+ gaps in training (including no flying at all in 2014 and only 2:35 in 2016)
7 Original theory exams passed, and expired
9 New theory exams passed
11 Instructors
13 Hours pre-April 2012 which no longer count
114 Take-offs and landings (over £2k alone!)

Before finally passing my skills test yesterday with 47:20 (countable) hours in the book.

The journey is not quite over yet, as I still have the headache of recovering my training records from the school which has gone bust - apparently the liquidators will be passing them directly to the CAA. Lots more chasing round and headaches yet before I actually have my licence in hand I imagine.

So relieved to finally have it all finished though!
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By TopCat
I hope Cheney Jawa reads this thread. :D

I had that same thought, as I bet many others did. Not holding my breath though.

OP - I'd wager actual money that you've got the right stuff in good measure. Carry on not giving up.
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By Rob P
That really is dragging victory from the jaws of defeat.

Well done you.

Rob P
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By PeteSpencer
What a great story of inspiration, perseverance and victory. Brilliant outcome.

I really hope the CAA don't give you too much of a run-around.

Please post again when its all signed and sealed.

Peter :wink:
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By LD1Racing
Thanks for all the kind words.

Some good news - I received an email from the liquidators today saying they have access to the electronic records from the now-defunct school and they can pass it on to my new training provider, so some progress I guess.

We'll get there eventually!
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