Learning to fly, or thinking of learning? Post your questions, comments and experiences here

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By Rob P
Wicksay wrote:Flightgear... Free gnu open source Linux why oh why windoze!!

And again in English? :D
Rob P wrote:
And again in English? :D

Haha that's how we students feel sometimes reading posts by you flying aficionados

I've dabbled with Linux so I'll have to check out the free flight sim they have. MS2020 seems a lot of money for their "premium" version, but it's sure to come down before too long and will be around for many years

~ Scott
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The first question I'd ask about a flight sim is does it work with a VR headset? I've tried Cumulus, a gliding flight sim, with VR and it was transfomational. When you are late downwind you can look out the side and see your landing area under the wing. You can't do that with two or three screens.
Update (July 30th, 2020): Microsoft today announced in a blog post that official VR support for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive as a free update to the base game sometime this fall with the release of HP Reverb G2.

Eurogamer reports that HP Reverb G2 will be the first VR headset supported by the game.

“We’re starting with them,” Microsoft’s head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann told Eurogamer, “There’s some extra work to be done for some of the others. I mean, we’re going to bring it to all the devices – all the common ones. It’s just going to take a few more months after that.”

Rob P
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By t1m80
Posted my comments on MS FS 2020 in the general section earlier. Pretty, but not for me yet. X-plane 11 still gives the most realistic flying I think and it works with all my kit. No multi-screen in MSFS is a big downer for me and my switch, radio and autopilot panels are not natively supported and there's a bug that turns it into a stuttering mess when I try and connect them using SPAD.next.

So it's still X-plane 11 for me until they sort that stuff out. It is very pretty though.
Wicksay wrote:.... but I'll politely ask for flight sim specific chat goes up on the flight sim thread.

Turning back thread drift on FLYER? Your middle name wouldn't be "Canute" would it?

Rob P :lol:
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Wicksay wrote:Always appre iate the chat on my thread guys but I'll politely ask for flight sim specific chat goes up on the flight sim thread. I know I added to it. Duh!

15 pages and very little deviation from the subject. You’ve done well with lack of thread drift. :eye:
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Chorkle Chorkle....

Time flies by when your the driver of a.... Oops wrong kids program and mode of transport! Showing my era..

Happy Windy Miller day!! Another lesson cancelled.

On the brightside... More time to:
1. Study
2. Temp Work
3. Play on sim
4. GIWGB (something to do with the wife)
5. Pack n unpack flight bag
6. Put pins in map for first post ppl flight
7. Browse Afors
8. Learn weather prediction to better forecast flying days!
Okay, here's a trick I learned some years ago. As the days since you last flew grow, try to remember to be just a little more grumpy then, when you do get to fly, remember to be a little ray of sunshine, occasionally bring flowers that you picked up on the way home, whistle merrily as you help around the house.

Then tone it down as the time since your lasts flight increases.

It won't be long before she's suggesting that it was about time you went to the airfield.

Of course, I would never do that and am steadfastly cheerful, loving and helpful but there might just be one or two people out there who do this.
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