Learning to fly, or thinking of learning? Post your questions, comments and experiences here

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Weather was in our favour Tim hope you got up and good luck for Mon. BTW msg Julie for dates on the radio course / test. Max the usually examiner has only a few dates available the rest of the month due to other commitments. "It's not a Wig + Wicksay" :-)
By t1m80
Hi mate, glad Deanland went well.

Ended up doing a mock test TODAY so at least I know what one looks and feels like. And it looks and feels like a lot of work! :D.

It's beginning to get real now, walked away today with my licence application form to fill in....

Will give deffo drop Julie a note so thanks for that.

Onward and upward (and downward too!)
Wicksay wrote:Sorry I missed you Paul, and anyone else there.

Sorry, I didn't manage to get there. With clear weather all around, there was an IFR "spot" around the Andover area and if I'd gone after the cloud had raised sufficiently, all the bacon would have gone. :?

Glad you made it in to see what fly-ins look like! :D
#Long overdue update#

I didn't get as many fights in over the summer as I had planned for. Holiday, illness, finances and weather all contributing to the reality of fitting in my PPL around everything else. That said i have a huge smile in my face with 70 takeoffs and landings.

At the beginning of August my Instructor (Tony) agreed to adapt our Nav lesson over Deanland to join the flyin there. Simple things like having to spin the aircraft around on its parking spot so we can make an easier departure all added to a great experience and my first fly-in. An afternoon back in the circuit followed.

Following a wet August I got two more hours in before our usual Sept holiday for Wedding Anni and my Wife's birthday. On Thur we flew some rejoin patterns which went very smoothly with the main learning being the significant effect the wind has on where I was for my base turn and obvious knock on effect that had on my workrate to get a nice stable approach on final. Closing the throttle on base turn took required some confidence!

On Fri I flew a Nav lesson. My learnings where all about my prep. I was running late. There was extra road works and although on a motor bike the hot hour ride in traffic was great prep to him on the nav table at the club and do my plog. Next was I had not wiped my chart clean and my tracks of the same route were lazily still there. These were not as accurate as they could have been and along with the wind during the flight being different than expected and (just wing it) approach to the lesson all added up to a poor first leg. My Instructor could see I was a bit frazzled and on the hold after run up checks he talked me through the take off and first leg again. But it all just went over my head and I forgot my first bearing completely even though I had written on my plog on my knee board. Overall Ive learnt to better prep the nav and flight before I leave home and two give myself 30mins chill time to transition after my bike ride. PPPPPP.... The rest of the nav flight went smoothly and we added a right base approach to my rejoin lesson.

Costs to-date circa 5k.

Next Nav; Headcorn, Heathfield, Sevenoaks, Headcorn. Threat=Gatwick airspace!!!!Image
Just noticed I started this thread 1 year ago to the day!!! This time I'm in Porto with my amazing supportive wife. She was just asking me about some flying goals after my ppl as stepping stones to becoming a commercial my qualified pilot, flying for pleasure and pennies.

As we got married in Jersey, I would really like to fly us both there for our 10th wedding anniversary at the end of August 2021.

Clearly there needs to be some smaller trips and a sensible amount of hours in the log book before then. But a very achievable 2 year goal.

So where will be writing my journal from next Sept 3rd 2020?
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I'm nearly a year in to my PPL (mid 50 ) as well... was hoping to have it all squared away within a year, 39 hours in with the local area solos completed, but with the formal Navs to come and then revision work, qualifying cross country and so on. A way to go still (Along with 6 more exams ...and I'm struggling to engage with the Nav planning theories, may need to seek a ground school for this bit!). :roll:

Lee, interested to read that you're up to nav exercises too at only 23 hours in , I'm wondering what your FI's will have you doing for the remaining 22 hours to get up to 45?!

Favourites so far?
First - PFLs: A chance to really get on top of the aircraft and fly it.
Second - Instrument Flying lessons (with the hood and some handy cloud): Loved being given vectors and height instructions from ATC (FI) in next seat ... to pop out from under the hood after 30 mins with the old Greenham Common runway dead ahead at 800' . Sweating like a horse, but dead on course! :whistle:

The journey continues.

By t1m80
Got my FRTOL practical done at Headcorn with the fantastic Max. Highly recommend.

So that's the final thing now before skills test. Not been able to get much revision flying scheduled in though; a couple of hours should get me prepped, struggling with aircraft and instructor availability but hopefully real soon! It's taken me a couple of years to get here too so Wicksay is doing an amazing job!

Took me a few goes to get properly settled in for the Nav flights - I think part of the problem is the pressure on departure to get things 'just right'. It's self inflicted and, I took the pressure off by making my first reference point a little way away from the airfield. Gave me chance to get my ducks in a row before I had to get the stop watch started, paperwork complete and proper course set.

With that said, like everything you've done so far, a few goes and you've nailed it anyway but it's nice to get up and away without getting all flustered! I also found it easier solo....... :D

Keep up the good work chaps, looking forward to catching up with you all at some airfield somewhere, sometime!
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By Wicksay
Congrats Tim. Yes Max is pretty awesome. Thanks for the tips and encouragement. I'm hoping to cram a few intensive hours flying in over late Sept early Oct and finish the exams off. It'll feel great going into the winter period with a decent amount of the the ppl done. But realise it's not something I need to force either.
By t1m80
I have 2 sessions booked 18th and 23rd September. Avoid those days if you can as it's a dead cert the weather will be monsoon like.

Hope you manage to get some more hours in and good luck with the remainder of your exams. Meteorology was the one I found the hardest, which is probably why i always book flights when its raining :D
Hi Fellow Flyers...

A long over due update from me. It's all going well. I'm at 27hrs with the last few flights being circuit solos, first overhead radio calls to Lydd and also Rochester. Next flight is overhead Southend.

Ive been keeping a log of lessons learnt with my own personal post flight reviews which have been invaluable. I'll share some on my next posting.

Three more lessons booked before the end of the month and then two weeks holiday.

Intentions haven't changed!!

Will post again after 30hrsImage
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By t1m80
Nice one!

Got my skills test booked in :shock:. Need to get my medical renewed first though and could only get that booked in two days before, so if anything comes up then I'm screwed.

Just about to start a new job in London too which will seriously hamper flexibility when it come to booking flights, so the pressure is on.

It'll probably rain anyway :(
What to do for work while training to be a commercial pilot!!

I was wondering if working in Aviation, especially airside, might stand me in good stead. Ive applied for, cargo, de-icing and baggage jobs at gatwick but no luck yet. Then i saw an add for BA Gatwick Cabin Crew and thought what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained. So I completed the online application. Well I thought, its all good experience, cant hurt. Watch a few vids complete the 30min Survey and done not expecting any reply.

Well I passed and was invited to an assessment day at Heathrow with 100 others, nearly all in their beautiful 20's. So I thought, more good experience, meet some nice people, check out the vibe and the artwork and off home.

There was a physical test, two solo role plays, a group role play and if you pass those, a two to one interview.

All completed, sitting there waiting to be sent home on the first cull. A list of names were called out and 25 or so were escorted to the waiting room. WELL DONE, said the Manger, youve all made it through!! At this point im speechless. OMG! What is going on?

The interview went ok, better than most, dare i even think this might actually be happening?

So to cut to the chase....

Dear Lee

Congratulations! Your application for the role of Cabin Crew - Gatwick Fleet has been successful.

Just to update you, we are currently finalising our 2020 training schedule for Gatwick Fleet and are expecting to have this completed shortly. Once we have the course details we will be in contact with you with a start date. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

We‘re looking forward to you joining us.
Best wishes,

I still cant quite get my head around it, but it looks like i'll be finishing my ppl and doing hour building and MEP/IR while wirking in the back, knowing, one day, i'll be in the front.

I'll keep you posted from the jump seat :-)

Still can't believe it. Training and Hard work to follow so no guarantees but... One step nearer.

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