Learning to fly, or thinking of learning? Post your questions, comments and experiences here

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I shared in my post "When's it too late..?" that I want to become a commercial pilot. It's a deliberate career change choice based on wanting to realise a boyhood wish. So I've decided it really is now or never.

I have booked in for my Class 1 Medical. It is on 11th October. I have also started studying online with http://www.easypplgroundschool.com, which was a suggestion from the forum. I am in touch with one of my local flying schools (headcorn), and will visit them later this week. I am planning my journey out carefully especially funding, instructor, aircraft, my time commitment. Ive got one eye on ebay for useful second hand kit. Your posts in the Forum are a fantastic source of experience and advice. Thanks.

I've got six weeks until the class 1 which is the deal breaker dream maker milestone. I don't want to over commit money too soon. So unless anyone has other suggestions i'll get my nose in the books, talk to Weald Air at Headcorn about ground school and take the first block of exams. I may (restraint is tough) book up for a lesson a week until I get the results of the Class 1.

Oh yes ... my Wife! She is fully supportive as long as I can fund my endeavour and keep home affairs in order! Thank God for her practical straight talking feet on the ground common sense... :lol:

I'll post regular updates here

A Huge Thanks to AndyR.

Lee :D
East Sussex
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Thanks George and good luck with your PPL. I'm treating this with the mindset of a long cross country / International flight. I'm trying to plan for the whole journey, knowing I need to plan for alternates and safe bail out points. The destination is to be commercially (e.g. my primary income comes from PIC or the RHS for that matter) flying in almost any capacity before I am 55, 25th Nov 2021!! That might give me 5 years employment possibly more with luck and a fair tail wind. It's a completely crazy idea I know... but I'm 100% committed to giving it my best shot with the restrictions of a fairly conventional family life. One of my biggest challenges will be funding it. I'm currently working as a greenkeeper until late October, then I'm unemployed!! Are there any grass strips that need their grass cut or planes washed? Some further evidence to the madness is I am writing this sat at a pool bar in Crete/Elounda, completing a job application for a de-icing job with Menzies at Gatwick for winter work!!!
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Good luck to you, of course.

But missing from everything above is the overpowering need to climb into an aeroplane and head for the nearest blue bit.

You've a few weeks before your medical, time enough to buy your logbook and get some flight time in, not because it will make much difference in terms of hours, but because you NEED to fly

Rob P
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By Wicksay
So right Rob!! I've not yet chosen a flying school or instructor. My nearest aerodromes are Shoreham, Headcorn or Biggin Hill as well as East Sussex Gliding Club. I've had trial fights at Biggin Hill and Shoreham. So I'm going along to Headcorn this week to speak with the Team at Weald Air, who have been recommended. As well as the two trial flights, plus one in a glider, I've clocked up 4 hours in a C42 down on the Algarve last year, with Fly365 out of Lagos aerodrome. Its highly frustrating living under the Gatwick Flight Path, so watch out for some updates next week / weekend when hopefully some frustrations are relieved :-)
Wicksay wrote:I've had trial fights at Biggin Hill and Shoreham.

Ah, then forgive my unwarranted assumption :thumleft:

Best of luck, we will all follow your progress with interest

Rob P

By the way, that Andy R is a bad type, best not to hang around with him too much. Play with the nice boys instead :lol:
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I bought some PPL books today and a log book and tomorrow afternoon i'm off to Headcorn / Weald Air to chat to a flying instructor and a ground school instructor and the team there. I have a lot of questions! And all being well I'll book up my first flying lesson and ground school session.

All I need now is an adequately paid job with a flexible weekday off!!

Further updates to follow :thumleft:
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