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TopCat wrote:Paper here... though I wish I had an electronic version. As I'm about to start on my third book, that's a hell of a lot of transcribing to do...

Periodically I photograph the pages as a backup.

Same here. Does anyone know of any freely available OCR software which will scan logbook photos/scans and create some sort of CSV or spreadsheet file from it?
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Same here. Does anyone know of any freely available OCR software which will scan logbook photos/scans and create some sort of CSV or spreadsheet file from it?

I really hope I didn’t miss one in my google hunt!!!
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Just did a quick google search and saw this.


Makes CSV files from PDFs, assuming logbook scans can be PDFs. Haven't looked at it or tried it or anything.

Assumes a PDF containing text (perhaps one that's been generated by a Word Processor or similar), rather than an image (i.e. one that's been scanned).

Ah well.

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Actually I have seen bunch of students keeping logbook in school, in a closed wardrobe. I will not fly at other place during my training, and i will not forget it at home, so... :D

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carlapilot wrote:... I keep my logbook in the flightschool and always photograph for safety.

Just wondering why you keep it at the school. I keep mine at home. Your logbook is personal to you. Saying that, mine's currently on its way to the CAA so God knows where it will end up :lol:

I also use the FlightLog app on Android for a digital. Seems to do what I want and easy to run queries and export to .xls or .pdf

Both, like many. Can't rate logbook.aero enough for day to day tracking - an electronic logbook is so so useful for spotting and correct mistakes etc.

But, you can't beat a paper log book for its sentimental value - I like to think it's the kind of thing my son will pick up and flick through in many decades time
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I use the UKGA.com (now sponsored by a magazine for pilots) free online log book which produces a spreadsheet version to download / backup.

It seems to total the hours more accurately than my paper log book that I run in parallel!
I have been using My Pilot Log, a new one to the market which just released in 2020. Very simple to use and can be used on most deviced. Only £10 Per Year and offer most of the features that others do at a fraction of the price. You can also add blank rows so all the totals match up with your paper logbook EASA and FAA and UKCAA

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Another fan of the little blue book, my paper log book is what I use as the main one, I then use this for digital:


What I like most about the pilot log app is that the pdf output is a really nice layout and looks similar to my blue book and easy to add and edit flights

I also have a basic copy of my flights in a spreadsheet but that’s mostly because I’m tracking every penny I spend For my ppl and has everything from each flight down to charts and pens, sad I know :)