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This thread celebrates any noteworthy milestones along the path of your aviation career, whether that be private or commercial to be set in internet eternity forever more. I look forward to updating this thread regularly.

As and when achievements are posted on the forum or PMed to me, I will update this thread in the most timely fashion possible. If I miss something do let me know.

Here's hoping for a bumper year of First Solo, Qualifying Cross Country and PPL Skill Test notifications :thumleft:

Not just restricted to ab initio, those gaining additional ratings, differences training, qualifications and indeed licences are welcome to join the 2017 wall of fame. In 2016 we had 49 entries in a record breaking 21 categories
That included, a.o., 20 first solos, 16 first licences issued ... and a 777 type rating!

Let's see if we can break that record in 2017!


First Solo
February 17 - george7378
May 13 - Sophie

First Solo Nav
February 16 - maxflying
March 13 - MarkOlding

SEP Qualifying Cross Country
February 4 - pjl953
March 1 - Flying badger
March 4 - maxflying
March 6 - karlbown
April 3 - george7378
May 14 - Spooky
May 25 - tfin25

Helicopter Qualifying Cross Country

Skills test

January 2 - Bluewings
January 5 - Ground Effect
January 20 - Dave_Ett
January 20 - Mr Noble
February 19 - BasherOfCircuits
March 4 - pjl953
March 13 - karlbown
March 30 - maxflying
May 14 - george7378

LAPL (H) Skills test

NPPL(SSEA) Skills test
April 5 - ChrisRowland

NPPL(M) Skills test

Post PPL

CPL Skills test

Night rating
January 10 - flyingyod
January 17 - Mattyfab
February 4 - Nick T
March 2 - mattmoxon

IR (R)
January 17 - Mattyfab
April 2 - flyingyod

Tailwheel differences

Constant speed prop differences
June 14 - mattmoxon




Flight Instructor
April 21 - Capt Edmund


Type ratings
January 31 - beaconflyer - B200 King Air type rating
March 3 - WTSMG - A320 Type rating
May 6 - Thumper - Tiger Moth check-out

Complex Sign offs

Aerobatic sign-offs


A huge round of applause, back slapping, tea and medals to all :thumleft: 8) 8)
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Nice ;^)
I think it could be nice to add anniversaries. Maybe not 5 or 10 years, but 25 and 50 are worth listing I'd have thought.

Or maybe it should be another thread on the main GA forum - some of the stalwarts may not come into the students forum often and we'll miss out on contributors and readers?

Wow! 5 years sounds like there may be a story behind which would merit a separate thread - well done Sir!

So far a cracking start to the year with 4 licences in January alone! Keep them coming!