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abiopete wrote:Taxiing (which i am finding more difficult than expected, get all muddled with the pedals)

Normal! I reckon aircraft manufacturers do it deliberately to make the actual flying bit seem well within everybody's capabilities! ;)
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Welcome @abiopete !
It's addictive so be prepared.

You may like to start a thread of your own on this Student forum to report some or all of your lessons as you see fit.

Helpful forumites will provide advice, encouragement and probably a few comments about cakes. We all enjoy the triumphs, small and large.

The taxi-ing will improve pretty quickly, just don't use the yoke to steer and your feet will soon take over :lol:
My biggest fear was the TO run, keeping straight using my feet on rudder pedals seemed unlikely to me! Now I can actually spare a brain cell or two and hold a sensible conversation on a long taxi.

What are you flying and where?
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