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By oldscoolboy
Hi all,

Been a viewer of the forums for a while, some great info on here. Could i tap into some of this knowledge please.

Currently at about 13hours, and into circuit bashing. However after a chat with my instructor yesterday i'm only an hour or 2 off solo. Now there lies the issue.

36 years of age, Class 1 initial completed in Jan 2018, no issues, but i have had a history of paraxysmol atrial fibrilation in 2009/2010 which cleared up in the later year with no episodes to this day. But obviously i have to have a cardiology review. I took the NHS route in getting all the test needed, thinking i had plenty of time, wrong assumption! Although i have the cardiogram and 24hr monitor booked early May, the stress test is booked beginning June. and then i have to send all this off for the decision. More time!

After a chat with the instructor we decided maybe a half hour every 2 weeks to keep my hand in till the medical comes thorugh seems the best approach otherwise i'll be some hours in before i can complete solo and the rest of the course.

Is there any other way of getting a medical certificate so i can continue? Self declaration or other means or have i just lost out too the rule change in April.

Thanks in Advance
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Check with School/instructor to see if they are happy to accept the self declaration.

If not, some aren't; then the only way to expedite it is to have teh cardiology work up done privately, but that is quite expensive.
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By PaulB
Does self dec apply to student solo? (Thought I'd read that it didn't)
By Lerk
Check with your instructor to see if you can shuffle things around a bit.

My medical was delayed while awaiting tests so I carried on with later exercises for a few weeks as I didn't have a medical certificate by the time I was ready to solo. Once my certificate was issued, I solo'd and did my consolidation work.
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By TopCat
Even if you're ready for solo, couldn't you just get into dual navigation for a few hours with your instructor and come back to the first solo when you've got the medical sorted out?

Although it feels like a huge milestone, and of course it is, there's no magic rule that says you have to fly solo before you cover other aspects of the course (well, other than a solo land away, obviously!!).

I can't help feeling that that 'proper lessons' would be more productive - and cheaper - long term than treading water with short flights in the meantime.

The first solo will feel just as special whenever it happens.
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By WingedSupra
Weird, I read this and thought you were me. Had the same issue back when I was pre-solo at around the same age, with same condition. AME deferred the medical and since I was in a rush I went private to get an exercise ecg and echo done which satisfied the CAA eventually. This was for a class 2 medical though.

Now, even before I got the class 2 I used the NPPL self-certification (GP signsture) go solo. This would have been around 2012 or so.

I hope you get sorted soon.
By oldscoolboy
Hi again all,

Thanks for all your suggestions. I had looked into the LAPL route. But assumed that a history of AF would scare a GP into a review or referring to an AME and i'd be in the same place.

I have secumbed to the fact that its just going to take a bit longer and a good chat with the FI has seen that they are happy to bring parts of the syllabus forward to keep me marching on!

Hind sight, i should have started the medical even earlier! :lol:

Fingers crossed the airfield stays where it is!
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By Flyin'Dutch'
4535jacks wrote:what about a LAPL medical from your GP? The training for a LAPL and PPL is not too dissimilar. You would need at least a Class 2 before applying for your PPL.

A history of Atrial Fibrillation precludes issue of a LAPL Medical by a GP.
By oldscoolboy
Class 1 Medical Certificate issued on 7/9/2018.

Frustrating to say the least, but got there in the end. After chatting with the instructer, glides and flapless landings were brought forward to fill the gap of the solo. well practised in these, the odd PFL thrown in but struggling with the circuit picture for these, cant get my head around the descending turns, wind direction :lol:

Still no solo, good xwind practice this weekend!

This experience has taught me as wonderful as the NHS is, they do not provide all that is needed straight away, takes time to get appointments and i had too request the results through freedom of information requests. Having to provide another 24 hour recording in a years time i will be going private, as i should have done in the first instance, the cost a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks for your suggestions much appreciated
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Good result!

Enjoy the solo!