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I'm hoping to start my training at Rochester this summer and was slightly concerned to hear about the new runway and other development plans that are in place for Rochester... Obviously I'm totally for them as they sound great! but does anyone know any more details? will it have to close down for building work which will obviously have an effect on my training?!
Any updates, news, comments would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)
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By Rob P
Glad to see you mentioned the airfield name in the post. Using just the identifier gets most of us googling. :D

Good luck with your training. Remember to make a positive effort to enjoy every minute of it. It's not just something to be got out of the way before you start 'real' flying.

Rob P
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By Rob P
It probably would, but there's no harm in using social media as well.

Rob P
By Gas Guzzler
If you're starting this summer to be honest I doubt the "improvements" will have too much effect on you unless you plan on spreading the training over several years :D Since they have a relief runway alongside 02/20 that could well continue to be used whilst the new main runway is laid. Building works will inevitably cause some dsiruption at times but it's unlikely to cause long periods of total closure. Go for it and good luck! :D
By t1m80
Yeah, weather has been a real pain in the butt - I haven't flown since mid November either, despite trying to book 2 lessons a week. Just had tomorrow cancelled too :-(. I'm mid-curcuit training so, even when flying has been allowed, circuit training has been banned as it would cause too much wear.

I'm sure they will all be much happier (and wealthier!) when they get their hard runway. However, most of the guys I have spoken to there are very skeptical that anything will happen this year in respect of improvements and, as it's a story thats been running for at least 5 years or so, I can understand their skepticism! I also believe they they have tentatively been asking around other airfields to see if they can make use of them in case there is disruption but I think it's contingency only at the moment.

So, I'd just go book it if I were you. Disruption is all part and parcel of flying from what I can see :D

Oh, and I'm nothing more than a lowly student there so I'm not speaking on behalf of the airport, just giving you my understanding of the situation. I could be completely wrong!

However, the people at Skytrek are great and I've really enjoyed my time with them.

Hope that's at least of some use.
By cockney steve
Barton is the same! I've only seen 2 unrestricted midweek days ,since mid- November. Peel Holdings spent a lot on improving the surface... Not seen 14/32 used in a year, 02/20 one day only.
08/26 l/r (2 parallel) have alternated, but now there's extensive works on all but 26L/ 08R .......Who thought an aerodrome on a peat- bog was a good idea?....putting all that aside, It's nice to see that they are feeding money into the place, Always lots of families frequenting the cafe, play area, tower viewing -platform....... How the hell any of the training- facilities are/have been making a living, is beyond me.
By t1m80
Hey cloudChaser, did you pluck up courage and book ? Managed to get 2 (bloody awful) lessons in in the last few days. Awful, simply because of the 6 months I've not flown that is. The 172 is a tough ol' bird thankfully :D