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Afternoon all!

I haven't posted in a while but after a few delays in the past month I passed my Skills test and my RT practical - hopefully the below helps budding pilots with some things I've learned!

Skills test - an intense day but not as scary as I built it up in my mind! Flew from Redhill, class D Southend transit with a final diversion as people have noted before in their posts.

Key was to fly the aeroplane and not worry too much if something went slightly wrong (my first touch and go was a mere brush of the runway before we launched again...sorted it for the next one!) The examiner isn't looking for perfection but that you can fly safely. It was a long day but a great feeling hearing that you have passed! Note there are some great documents online that show what the examiner is looking for from the CAA - definitely worth a look first.

RT Practical - I did this after my skills test - having flown for a while now it wasn't too daunting although some curve balls do come along. This isn't a flight test at all, more knowing when to make the correct calls and who to. All a bit strange sitting in a room with a laptop and headset (the examiner sits in a separate room) but with after a practise it feels natural! There are a number of blogs online that can help you prepare, but definitely have a look at CAP 413 and the Safety sense leaflet on Radiotelephony (which has an example run through of the test - really good to study!) Also knowing how to intercept and transmit a Mayday or Pan call could be useful...

Overall its taken me about a year and a half to qualify at around 49 hours of logged time including the skills test.

I'd be more than happy to help anyone who is going through their training who need any advice or tips - there's a wealth of knowledge out there but always happy to help!

Next stage - license application and figuring out what to do with this qualification as a hobby rather than a career! :D
Nice one and congratulations Captain :thumleft:

I think everyone, including me, has the same experience - the anticipation is a lot worse than the actual test. By the end of my test I'd forgotten it was actually a test and not just another flight with a different instructor