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I had exactly that coming up to medical time in August with a BMI of 37. I didn't fancy the three-monthly check flight so...

Slimming World has seen me lose a kilo a week since June 6th, so now down just on 30kg to a BMI of 27. SW's diet is most excellent, no faddy stuff and one that i will be happy to stick with for the rest of my life (you can eat as much meat as you like :D ). I actually eat *more* food than I used to, but just stuff with a higher satiety value and lower calorie content. It pretty well matches the NHS recommended intake, but with recipes that make it interesting.

The plan is to get to a BMI of 25 and then re-introduce the odd take-away.
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Well I’ve so far lost 7kg and have logged 9.25 hours and am ready to go solo.
My examiner ok’d me to access, exit and operate a c152 and happily signed my medical flight test.
After a three week wait, I got to see my GP on Tuesday morning to get my cardio risk report to take back to my AME. Problem - he refused to do the checks as they weren’t necessary with any bmi calculated at 32.7 (his tape measure gave me 2cm extra and two kg less). Even after explaining the need for the report and pointing out that I was aware that this would be a chargeable service, he declined to carry out the tests.

So tonight I’ve been back to my AME, who has ok’d everything bar requiring a blood test for blood sugar and cholesterol. Even with these at seriously high levels, my risk score is miles away from the CAA limit.

Unfortunately I won’t have my certificate until next week, when I’ll be back at work but at least I will have one!

Should this wind bugger off before Friday I’m going to take my instructor for a XC breakfast for all his support over the past fortnight instead!
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Job well done!a

Disappointing that the GP did not want to commit pen to paper to help you out but hey ho, seems you are getting things sorted.