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By Artschool
I now have my books sorted thanks to OptiGone!

will be booking my next lesson for next week :thumleft:

also managed to bump into a chap who homebuilds aircraft this afternoon!
By MarkOlding
My recommendations would be -
Clothing - Green flying suit, with leather fighter pilot jacket (Flying tiger patches optional)
Scarf - White / Silk
Sunglasses - Only Ray ban aviators will do
Watch - Breitling only
Pipe (optional)
Also allow £14K for a Spitfire simulator as I had a go in the one at Maidenhead Heritage centre to do and it was great fun.

Books and other stuff - what everyone else says....
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By Rob P

Rob P
By James33
A decent headset (not necessarily expensive) is a must. I spent £300 on my David Clark that I am still using 5 years later.

Logbook is also important.

For the rest, as stated above, no need to buy extravangant trinkets when that money could be spent on actually flying an aeroplane.

My flight bag tends to be whatever receptacle happens to be lying around the house on the morning before a flight.

Re books, I bought the one recommended by my club but almost never read it.

Did all my theory training through (mainly free) websites as well as weekly lessons at the club provided by volunteers.

Always buy the laminated version of the 1: 500,000 chart, much easier for plotting.
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By Rob P
Most if not all UK flying schools provide headsets. I wouldn't personally rate this as a priority.

Gadget fans love to buy them, so if this is the sort of thing that appeal, then by all means fill your boots.

Rob P