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You can hold an IR(R ) and or a full IR as the limitation is daytime only, nothing about flying in IMC or under IFR.

If you want to see if you can get the VCL limitation removed you will need to do the CAD test.

Email me if you want some help or further guidance.
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Awesome, that's good to know - it was a bit of kicker to be marked day only as I too thought it meant I couldn't do any of the instrument based stuff.

In the process of booking myself in for the CAD test, but to be honest it's a bit of a "Just so I know for sure" thing - I'm not really sure if I'll pass or not.
Be careful doing the CAD test direct with the CAA. As I understand it, they average your test scores if you take more than one attempt. If you go to one of the independent testing centres you can 'practice' freely without it being on file but a pass certificate from them should be acceptable to the CAA.
I am CVD and restricted to daytime flights. I work as an FI.

I have and use an IR(R) and it is now possible to get a full IR, albeit restricted to daytime only. This was not true when I did my original CPL training. At that time an IR required a night qualification as a prerequisite. EASA dropped this when they brought in the Competency Based IR following lobbying from the CVD community.