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By shortwing
Apologies if it's the wrong forum, can anyone recommend a good machine shop that has done and is able to drill a new set of VW cylinder heads for twin plugs?

Thanks in advance
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By Sooty25
This might be a complete dead end idea but, the LAA do a CD covering the conversion of VW engines in their heritage plans section. I'm guessing this might give the engineering detail needed for the work.

If it does, I'd suggest speaking to Maurice at Eyetech Engineering he'd be more than capable, and I doubt anyone would question his work. He helped us out more than once with daft little problems
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By nallen
There was a recent thread on the LAA forum (Engineering section) about this - and someone there said they could do this based on the Peacock drawings.

We (syndicate) have used a place near Aylesbury who are excellent for cylinder head work and am sure could do this from the drawings (Engine Machining Services: 01296 655885).