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As per other thread, I am putting a new spinner on my aircraft. The old one had been hacked apart to try a new prop, and then hacked at again to fit the current prop.

The prop is a Senseich 76EM8 - fairly standard fare, I would have thought. I contacted Sensenich to ask if they had a CAD model or similar I could use to cut the exact sizes of the cutout for the blade through the spinner.

Sensenich does not appear (or at least couldn't share) a CAD model and the closest thing they could send me was a section at 20% span. (friendly and quick on email, BTW, good service in terms of willing) Which is about 4cm from where my spinner will be. If I want close tolerance on the cutout, 2-3 mm say, I don't think I can use the 20% section.
So I'm back to using my profile gauge measurements.

Now, I accept that this prop was probably designed decades before CAD became available, but if they are still being manufactured, would their manufacturing not have been modernised?

In general, I am shocked/disappointed at the lack of info available on components I look for from aircraft parts retailers. Dimensions are missing, full specifications are not available on the websites (LAS, Aircraft Spruce and whatever else Google comes up with..). I am only a newcomer to this game and I am probably (hopefully) doing it all wrong? Compare that to the plethora of info easily available on eg Mouser wrt electronic parts ...

Am I doing something woefully wrong?

(At the same time, we are seeing Mike Patey CAD modelling (and then building) everything down to thou tolerances - are us mere mortals without access to an autoclave and CNC machines stuck in a different universe?).
^^^^^^ no, we're stuck in a nannying regime where the controlling bodies are unwilling to loosen their red-tape ,a**-covering grip. Admittedly, they've recently allowed a SSDR class, and a Nanolight class (but where does £10K come from, for a lawnmower-engine, hang-glider wing and a glorified golf- club trolley .??
Mr. Patey, I suspect ,has easier hoops to jump through and probably has superior technical-knowledge and ability to those who are supposed to oversee his endeavours. I'd gues that they defer to his superior expertise.