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By Morten
My PtF aircraft needs a new spinner.
Should be easy, I would have thought, to find lots of choices: aluminium, carbon, red, blue, white.... But alas no?

It is an O-360 A1A engine with a Sensenich 76EM8. Nothing fancy, should be thousands of that combination flying around? The current spinner uses a 300mm backplate and that looks about right on the cowling, although maybe a 320mm could be used.

But where to find a decent selection?

The closest I've come is DUC in France, here: . They've been helpful over email and it looks like they'll be able to manufacture something which will work for me. But it's getting to be quite (very!) expensive

Does anyone have any other sources I should look at?

I will take my "finding the right size spinner cutout" experience into another thread...
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By Trent772
I also have a spare spinner with the RV10 kit that i won't be using. I am sure I should have the front and back plates as well.
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By Morten
Charliesixtysix wrote:Aircraft type?

Acrosport II (old spinner) :

@Trent772 - PM sent
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By Morten
I did look at those before, but thanks for looking :thumleft:
Both WAG and LAS seem to sell the same products but they are too small a diameter for my needs.

They also demonstrate what makes it difficult to find things, eg this one - I might be looking in the wrong place but I cannot see that LAS gives any dimensions on this at all. Other than that it fits a C172. I think it is the same as this one ... plate.html but who knows?
How LAS clients are meant to know what they are buying is anyone's guess...

@seanxair - I did see the Ukrainian earlier but his dimensions are not right. I've contacted him to see if he can make to measure...
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By Morten
Much more like it... and Vans actually give some info on dimensions! I may have to supplement Trent's kit with the (bigger diameter) front plate from the FP Sensenich kit. Looks like the best solution so far.

I'd never thought of looking at Van's for individual parts like that ... clearly need to start doing that :thumright: