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Just wondered if anyone has found a source of LED Nav/Strobe wingtip lamp units that will bolt on in the same footprint as the standard Whelan.

I thought I had found these Evolution Series - LED Nav/Strobe Assemblies
but are out of stock.

I have looked at an offering from Smooth Aviation and also Metal Seagull but the planform is different and dont really want to be drilling new holes and filling in old holes and re-painting.

Just wondered if anyone else had found an alternative. Doesn't have to be approved as is on PtF.

I did take a first step a couple of years ago by using LED bulbs in the existing wingtip lights, you can also make them flash by switching on/off twice. But they dont give the same awareness as a strobe and the only ones I found were these:-

which are advertised as a direct bolt on replacement and use LED for both nav and strobe - but alas no stock. I looked at a couple of home made solutions aimed at home builders but would not want to modify my wing tip to the extent needed to accomodate designs intended for RVs and the other off the shelf types are different sizes.

I was hoping at the LAA rally to find the stand that was there last year which I am sure had bolt on replacement for the whelan type units, but of course no rally now. :cry:
I replaced my A650 wingtips and A625 tail strobe with Orion 650E and 500. No issues, and also allowed the removal of 6lbs of power packs. ... ts/or6501r
Straight unscrew/replace and a jumper for the electrical connections with a log book entry from my A&P (N-reg). No complaints (other than the price, but then it's a one-off cost). Less RF interference too (only noticeable with an HF radio).
As to whether LED strobes penetrate distance as well as a xenon version, I do wonder but that would be another can of worms for another thread!