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By Charles Hunt
Anyone have a source for 3" dia air vents, the simpler the better?

Replaced the side/door screen and refitted the existing vents - simple rotating disc with angled scoop - before seeing how awful they look. Replacements I can see from LAS are a smaller diameter, which is a bit late now I have cut the 3 1/8" holes. :(
By johnm
You might find such in the classic car parts world??? Worth a try. We found that the sun visor clips on our TB 20 were from the Mercedes parts catalogue and the head rest inserts from a Renault 5 GT
By Peter Kelly
On a serious note, if you value your cash ahead of your time, it's easy to make the rotating round ones out of clear acrylic to any size you want. Cut the inner and outer parts with a hole in the middle to fit the screw to rotate. Warm the outer disc with a heat-gun and fold. Simples...
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By Charles Hunt
For the record, the ones from ebay in my post 1777435 arrived promptly and are good solid quality and work well, and had the same hole centres and orientation as my old ones.

I struggled to find a 79 mm hole saw (3 1/8") but Screwfix stock them and I suppose they would also do if I ever need to cut a hole for a 3" instrument in a panel at any time in the future.

Thanks Peter for the suggestions.
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By Ben Twings
I have a pair of Snapvents in the roof glass of the Cub.

They work well. Squeeze the sides to open or close and rotate to control the level of blast.
Only snag mthat I found was when flying in shorts and my leg felt as though it was burning. It was the vent acting as a lens focusing the sun!