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By seanxair
I have a made in the far east ANR & Bluetooth headset which works well - except in my aircraft :(

It actually works well in an aircraft that is pretty 'airtight' having tried it and although mine is enclosed it is pretty draughty and the mic seems to be overpowered or too sensitive and I get hiss. ANR and Bluetooth to phone functions are extremely good so reluctant to give up on it.

Would there be any benefit (or point) in replacing the mic for something like a David Clark M-7A Amplified Electret mic?
Is it air movement or noise? If air movement, is it worth trying a better "sock" over it? There are generic wind shields available for little money in most sizes.

Next is intercom squelch. Can you be heard clearly beyond any hiss when you speak? If so, you'll need to adjust the squelch so that the hiss isn't broadcast when you are not speaking.
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By seanxair
Have tried a different sock for not much difference but still think it is air movement possibly.

Not there when the squelch is adjusted but I like to keep it open on climb out to listen for any engine note change and then of course when I break the squelch to speak I'm deafened by it.
Microphones are usually fairly easy to swap. You can try one from another headset if it's of the same mounting type and see how that works. Headset microphones are generally noise cancelling, which means they have a hole in both sides. If the noise hits both front and back of the microphone, in theory it'll not move the diaphragm much, so won't be that loud. However when speaking, you're picked up a lot more by the front than the back and thus you can be heard over the noise.

My Bulldog is ferociously noisy in the cabin on take off and full power climb but it gets quieter in the cruise. I'd suggest leaving the squelch on and getting used to how the aircraft sounds with the squelch and ANR on. You will be able to hear the engine, just not as loud!
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By seanxair

Paul thanks for the reply.

I could get used to all that if I was able to communicate without the hiss. Happy with relative silence most of the time.

It is a draughty aircraft, folding wings so no wing root seals fore or aft, gaps along the tops of the doors etc. I have tried various methods of draught exclusion with moderate success but you wouldn't need a slip ball to indicate you are out of balance. Wind noise does that! And I read somewhere that in this sort of draughty environment it is an air pressure imbalance which can cause the mic to overload.

I have Nanocomm in ears with custom ear moulds which are very good, comms clear as a bell mostly and the intercom squelch takes care of engine noise but they are a faff to put in and I'm keen on having bluetooth for various reasons which they don't have. Both headsets have an auxiliary input which is a must for me. The Nanocomm also have a mic sensitivity switch which I do need to use for the same noise reasons, but it definitely works 100%. Beats me how a mic that can't be the size of an orange pip is out performing the other one.

Because the DCs are so well regarded by everyone in all sorts of different environments I was toying with the idea of fitting their m-7a amplified electret microphone which is available from HM in Scotland amongst others to see if that made a difference. But I don't want to waste my money if it is a no goer. I may try to borrow the same mic of someones DCs (a mate has just sold his so missed a chance there) before I commit but may be resigned to sticking with what works best.