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By janpot
Hi gents, just joined your forum and found very much interesting. I need urgent assistance/guidance in obtaining torque settings and piston ring minimum/maximum play allowances for my refurbished/overhauled Potez 4e-20, especially the head torque settings and ring/piston clearances.
I am not able to find any of these technical overhaul specifications and or workshop manual on this engine. Only a French version of operating manual could be found but really - NO COMPRHENDO of this language at all.
Is there anybody out there who may be able to assist or direct me to someone who can assist?
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By mikehallam
Get the French data and a simple dictionary, it's not at all hard !

Especially since we too abandoned Imperial measure and went Metric, so torques and so on aren't too difficult.
If you push me I'll unearth my own data, having flown behind a 4E 20A for twenty years.
By janpot
Hi Mike,
How much would it take for me to twist your arm till blood seeps through the skin, to dig into your archives for some information on the Potez 4e20?
As said, I have the French Manual but unable to make out which are the head or toes of this funny zju zju French language. Figures not a problem but what is said about these figures are more than alien to me - Ha ha.......
I am ready to re-torque the heads now after corrected the ring gap positions on the pistons, which was stuffed up by a local aircraft reconditioning Company.
Your assistance will be appreciated.
I am also waiting for reply from Ed who might also be able to direct me in the right direction of someone that might be able to assist.

Jan Potgieter
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By Sooty25
@janpot retyping line by line into Google translate usually gets you quite close to understandable english. I used it to decode sections of a '50's Spanish manual for of a Tigre engine.