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By PBflyer
I am in need of a new starter for my D62B Condor with an 0-200 Continental engine installed. The original pull-start cable has failed and following replacement, my starter clutch gave up the ghost. Time to modify to a push button start and lightweight starter. Please can anyone help me with locating a company who would sell these items, without importing from the States? I have not been able to find either a B & C or a Skytech starter seller in the UK other than LAS. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
If you need a replacement pull starter, I have a good-when- removed one in my stores.

Also, I am sure you will be aware that fitting a Skytech or B&C replacement starter involves cutting off a spigot in the cranckcase aperture - this not a job to be undertaken lightly due to risk of swarf escaping into the engine. Take care.
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By PBflyer
Many thanks for your offer. I am still going to go with the modification. I was aware of the removal of the spigot an I have a plan for that when the moment comes, but, thank you anyway for the information.
Remember to account for the value of local supplier customer/product support in your costing.

It can rapidly get expensive, both financially and of time, if warranty support is required via a non-domestic supplier- see the thread about magneto parts.
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By riverrock
PBflyer wrote:Thank you all for your posts. It looks like the cheapest route is still to import it myself from Aircraft spruce in the States. Let's see how that goes!! :roll:

Does that include import tax and shipping?
Very quick look:

BC320-H 12V Starter - $694 from Aircraft Spruce. Shipping to UK is $79.36. You then need to pay VAT (20%), Customs Duty (?). So about $943, so about £760 ? ... nt-exp.php

From Aircraft its 906EUR incl VAT and shipping, so £791 ... r-only.htm so cheaper to use that supplier? They are EU so you will have warranty support - even if they are in Germany.
So i guess £30 difference, but you get a warranty?

Edit as I mixed up my maths
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Not checked the prices but, for a the sake of missing out on a relatively small saving, how about giving the order to a local stockist? Who knows, one day there could be a disease that disrupts world trade and you might be glad if the local shop still exists..... :wink:
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PBflyer wrote:........

I am still going to go with the modification. I was aware of the removal of the spigot an I have a plan for that when the moment comes........

Lots of tech threads don’t close off and it is nice for contributors to hear how it all works out so, In due course please do let us know how the job goes and where you went for starter supplier.
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By PBflyer
Thank you all for your comments. I have gone for the option of ordering from Aircraft Spruce Europe as I could not get a reasonable quote from any UK supplier and most did not reply. I think I may have had more success locally if we were not in the current lock down situation.
I have had notification that my starter and the modification kit are already in the UK and should be with me shortly. Thanks again for all the input. I really did read and digest all of it.
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