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By Grelly
Morning all,

I decided I needed something to do while in lock down.

My project is to build a Stratux ADS-B receiver. I know you can buy one ready built, but as I say, I needed a project.

So, if anyone else is interested, the parts list is
Note that it does seem that it only works with a Raspberry Pi 3b (don't get any other model including a 3b+ - ask me how I know!)

I now have a completed Stratux stuck to the window of my "office" and I can sit there watching the tumbleweeds (sorry, occasional aircraft) in EasyVFR.

Part II of the project is to see if I can get it to receive FLARM, although I don't know how/when i'll be able to prove it works.

Part III would be PAW (is that even possible?)

Any other project suggestions?

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By Flying_john
Good idea the Stratux - have one myself and is a nice project.

But for me its taking a partition wall down and decorating as have now exhausted, car washing, gardening, mowing, cleaning, raking, watching daytime TV, isolated shopping , eating, drinking etc.

Was thinking that maybe next week - since gardeners are exempt - I will go to the strip and do some "gardening", well maybe cut the grass in anticipation of a fly in a coupla weeks.

All this doesn't seem to have stopped some from getting airborne.
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By rikur_
It does seem that the impact on people's time of 'social distancing' is somewhat varied. As a two working parent household with two school aged children, the idea of doing any projects is somewhat on hold. I'm currently working 12 'til 6pm x 7 days to try to squeeze the day job in, whilst pretending to be a school teacher in the mornings, whilst Mrs R works mornings and teaches in the afternoons. Add into the mix coordinating local food/pharmacy deliveries, and various other voluntary roles creating their own issues (e.g. having to furlough the coaches from the under 18s swimming club).... busy!
We don't have children, we do work in "knowledge" and are now trying to do it from home - whilst also doing things we wouldn't normally do to keep things on an even keel and maintain our sanity.

Much much less time than we usually have. We're managing pretty well, but both tired and stressed. I can't imagine anybody with children getting more than half their jobs done whilst working from home under the current circumstances.

I am up to date on things like paper refereeing and my own writing, for the first time in years - but only because of things I *should* be doing having become impossible.

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By Paul_Sengupta
Grelly wrote:Part III would be PAW (is that even possible?)

Sort of. It's technically very possible, but I'm not sure they sell the bridge board separately any more.

You can also use a Pi 2B for the Stratux but you need a certain type of Wifi dongle. Easier and more reliable to use a Pi 3 these days.

You can use a Pi 3b+ for the PAW I believe.