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By T67M
Certification costs are significant. The best example I've heard of was from a friend who sells rubber O-rings for something like 5p each. With United States FDA certification, exactly the same part, from exactly the same manufacturing batch, is sold for nearly £100, yet makes his company almost the same amount of profit.
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By TLRippon
Twin G5 is a good combination if you want two forms of PFD backup, battery and display shift. The course line on the HSI is invaluable for manually correcting heading and the annunciators on the HSI are clear and well positioned.
Only drawback I’ve found is that it would be nice to have the ADF needle on the same unit which I believe is not possible but the advantages outweigh this.
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By Lerk
TLRippon wrote:Lerk,

I have removed the Vac system as part if my upgrade so have a spare analogue AI for sale if you just want to get the old system working?

We've sourced one to get us up and running again until the upgrade thanks.
By KD95
Hi all.

We find ourselves in the same situation as the OP, AH has gone and we want to upgrade.

Could anyone shed some light on the GPS situation. I read in the installation manual that a GPS antenna is required to provide a position to the AH G5 which I wasn't aware of. I know it has a GPS receiver inbuilt but now I'm quite confused, and obviously the installation of a compatible aerial adds extra cost.

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By Dave W
I installed a G5 and it is an excellent bit of affordable kit. The installation manual is available online and explains requirements.

No additional antenna required so long as the top of the unit has a view of the sky. Ours is at the top of the panel with a thin plastic coaming covering the top - works fine.
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By GrahamB
I believe for a certified installation, you must have either an eternal position source such as a GNS/GTN etc, or the dedicated antenna. Uncertified is OK without either if it works for you.
My understanding was that the internal antenna wasn't allowed to be used for certified operation, as per the STC - it needs connected to a dedicated antenna to drive its internal receiver or get GPS data from another unit. Non-certified it can quite happily use its internal antenna.

Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Part 23 AML STC Installation Manual 190-01112-10 Rev. 11:
3.4.1 GPS Antenna
A GPS signal is required. The G5 can use an external GPS antenna or GPS data from one of the GPS navigators or GTX 3x5 listed in Section 5. In a dual G5 installation only the G5 Attitude requires the GPS position input. The GPS information is communicated to the G5 DG/HSI over the CAN Bus.

Worth saying that certified & non-certified are identical units - you say whether its certified or not on a menu during system setup.
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By TLRippon
We have a couple of G5 installations on the club fleet which don't have external GPS antennas. Instead they have a window-mounted stick on internal antenna, not the one internal to the unit but an external antenna fitted to the internal side of the windscreen in view of the sky. Seems to work fine and it is certified.