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I think this is a rather stupid question, but I have googled not with great result, so I hope you can clarify.

If you have a plane with two, let's say, GNS430 you constantly use in IFR it is crystal clear the database has to be current...that is a given.

The question is: do you have to pay to Garmin two licenses or you can keep both upgraded with one?

If the first is true, what stops you from copying the database from and SD card to the other?

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By GrahamB
The GNS series do not use SD cards, but a Garmin proprietary card, which has to be programmed with each AIRAC cycle navdata via a specific USB card writer. You use a Jeppesen app called JDM to download the file and program the card.

A card is the database for the device it is inserted into (i.e. GNS devices don’t have an internal database that you are updating with the card), so the card has to stay in the box for it to operate.

I know of people who have one subscription for two boxes, putting the latest updated card in the no. 1 GNS and last month’s card in the No. 2 GNS, but I guess that could cause problems trying to crossfill a route from 1 to 2 if it relied on data that had changed. ( I only have one GNS box, so I can’t comment on this from personal experience).
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