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Semi-retired. Previously A&C.
23 years RAF, Nimrod 1st & 2nd line, Vulcan Majors (558) , Phantom 1st & 2nd line. Tornado 2nd line.
And a homebuilder ... I've built a Clutton series 2 FRED & Evans VP1 ....
Involvement with PFA / LAA repairs and once upon a time an Engineer at the Strathallan Collection ( for the RAF ) ...

I'm looking for involvement in a homebuild, the support and repair of any type of light aircraft of the rebuild / restoration of historic / heritage type.
I am currently MD of a Rail Engineering company and have decided to reduce my involvement with the Rail, much to the cheers of my staff ... We've built a great team over the years and am happy to let them get on with it.

So i'd like to offer my services to those that may need them ... systems fault case analysis and repair, skin and metal repairs, build and assembly of flying control systems, set up and rigging of airframe structures, engine change and component replacement.

Independent sign off of works will be required, but all aspects of Airframe / Powerplant works can be carried out to the highest standards. Particularly skilled in stressed skin alloy airframe repairs and fault finding, repair / maintenance of complex hydraulic / pneumatic aircraft systems.
Where abouts are you? Are you currently an LAA inspector? Are you wanting to be the builder or to help others as the inspector? Are you wanting to help with one off difficult tasks (as a consultant, paid or otherwise)?
Most of this sort of thing ends up being organised via word of mouth / via LAA struts in my (limited) experience.