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By stevebakh
It was bound to happen eventually! I've discovered my first small dent near the tip of my 4 blade MT composite CS prop. Given its size, I don't expect it's much of a problem, but I've emailed MT to be sure (and now waiting on a response which will probably only come next week).

For those who know a lot more than me (probably most people reading this!) How bad does this look? I haven't taken measurements yet, but it is small. In the photo showing the full propeller, the dent is on the bottom right blade.

Also, any ideas how much repair is likely to cost if it is necessary?
I think much will depend on what is revealed when the metal strip comes off.
From what I can see from the pics it looks minor and I personally would just live with it. Repair it and in 3months time you will probably get another ding! It can be an on-going problem having a composite prop and visiting the crumbly tarmac airfields in the UK.
The real answer of course is stick to grass airfields if you have a composite prop! :wink:
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By Trent772
The MT website has comprehensive guidance on what can be regarded as acceptable. The metal leading edge extends further back and generally, if the metal is not cracked, it can be manipulated and filled with a good quality epoxy until the next maintenance input.

You need someone familiar with composite filling with say West System, a bit of judicial tapping and dressing.

If you want, contact off forum.

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By stevebakh
Thanks all - just received a response from MT and thought I'd update the thread:

Based on the damage shown (small dimensions, no cracks in the metal and no visible wooden core), no repair is necessary in order to continue flying. Happy days!

With that said, the recommendation to get it touched up and filled with epoxy is a good one that I'll probably follow through with (maybe around the time of the 6-monthly).

Thanks again!